Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Chemo to remove cancer cells


If you can urgently pass my email to Kenny. My sister went for breast cancer operation last 9th May to take out the lymph. Today she was told she has high grade cancer and has to undergo chemotheraphy. The Oncology staff explained it is the only way to remove all the cancerous cells, and to avoid from spreading.
My concern is, is it necessary for her to undergo the chemo {6 to 8 sessions} just to remove all the cancer cells. After reading your info on Recovering from Chemo, do you think she can "religiously" take the supplement to remove cancer cells.
Your urgent reply please.
Thank you.



Just want to let you know that I'm neither a doctor nor a nutritionist, hence, I will encourage you to seek a second opinion after reading what I have to say.

Both Chemo or using alternative therapies kill cancer cells. Both methods do not kill the cancer cells 100%. Today, you and I carry carry cancer cells too. The only difference are these:

1) Chemo method is to "toxicify" the body. Hence, it will kill both Cancer and good cells of the body. Side effect is permanent damage to internal organ and relapse may happen between 2 to 5 years. Does this method work? Yes.

2) Alternative therapies such as Gerson or Breuss therapies require strict diet. Basically, organic juices with almost no protein at all. This method is to nourish the body so that it can use its self-defense to fight. People who is going through this therapy requires tremendous self-control. Let's say, if they survive and doctor declares that the tumor does not exist anymore, this person cannot go back to its previous diet. It has to follow a strict and clean diet for the rest of his or her life. And a lot of time, people is not open to this idea.

To find out more about the detox program for Cancer Patient, please read this link http://nutriliteforlife.blogspot.com/2007/05/detox-using-breuss-hipporcates-and.html


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