Thursday, 10 May 2007

Detox using Breuss, Hipporcates and Nutrilite

Hi everybody,

I find that Breuss Cancer Cure detox program is simple to follow and yet effective. Together with Nutrilite supplements, it will boost the effectiveness of the program tremendously.

Before you start the program, please read the following books:

  • Breuss Cancer Cure by Ruldof Breuss

  • Detox and Live by Hilde Hemmes

  • Basic Health Publications User's Guide to Natural Therapies for Cancer Prevention & Control

You can find these book in any good bookstores.

If you have read these books, you will have more confidence to do the detox program. I prefer to do program 3. This program is almost similar to the program used by Rudolf Breuss himself.

What do you need?

  • One box of Hilde Hemmes "Detox Programs" pack

    • If you are not buying the "Detox Programs" pack, then you have to buy the following items separately:

      • One box of Hilde Hemmes' Spring Klenz teabags

      • One box of Hilde Hemmes' Laxative

      • One bottle of organic vegetable broth. If you don't intend to buy organic vegetable broth, you can buy your own organic vegetables to make the Hippocrates soup, which is recommended in the Gerson Therapy.

      • One bottle of Nutrilite Milk Thistle

  • If you are doing the six days program, you need six bottles of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice. If you are doing the ten days program, then you need ten bottles of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice.

  • Nutrilite Supplements:

    • One bottle of Daily

    • One box of Double X

    • One bottle of Bio-C

    • One bottle of Lecithin E

    • One bottle of Salmon Omega Fish Oil

    • One bottle of B-complex

    • One bottle of Milk Thistle. If you are going to do the ten days program or more, you need at least two bottles of Milk Thistle

Water is very important in this program. I will recommend you to own an Amway Water Treatment System if you haven't owned one. Besides that, it is important for you to shower with a filter shower head. This is to remove both chlorine and fluorine from the water. Our body absorb ten times more chlorine and fluorine during shower as compared to drinking. Lastly, take your breakfast before brushing your teeth. This is very important!!!

How to start?

Before the actual day, take organic apples or fruits and eat steamed organic vegetables only. This is to prepare the body before we start the detoxification program.

What to do from Day 1 to Day X?


  • Sip 80ml of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice

  • Drink one packet of Hilde Hemmes' Spring-Klenz Teabag

  • One dose of Double X

  • One tablet of Daily

  • Four tablets of Bio-C

  • Four tablets of Lecithin E

  • Two tablets of B-complex

  • One capsule of Salmon Omega Fish Oil

  • Five tablets of Milk Thistle or One capsule of St. Mary Thistle from Hilde Hemmes if you have bought the "Detox Program" pack

Mid Morning:

  • Sip 165ml of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice

  • Four tablets of Bio-C


  • Sip 80ml of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice

  • Drink one packet of Hilde Hemmes' Spring-Klenz Teabag

  • One dose of Double X

  • One tablet of Daily

  • Four tablets of Bio-C

  • Four tablets of Lecithin E

  • Two tablets of B-complex

Mid Afternoon:

  • Sip 165ml of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice

  • Four tablets of Bio-C


  • Sip 80ml of Biotta Breuss Vegetable juice

  • Drink one packet of Hilde Hemmes' Spring-Klenz Teabag

  • One dose of Double X

  • One tablet of Daily

  • Four tablets of Bio-C

  • Four tablets of Lecithin E

  • Two tablets of B-complex

Before sleep:

  • One packet of Hilde Hemmes' Laxative Teabag

  • One dose of Double X

  • One tablet of Daily

  • Four tablets of Bio-C

  • Four tablets of Lecithin E

  • Five tablets of Milk Thistle

Everyday, drink at least two to three litres of filtered water. Please take note, do not drink bottled water.

Drink a cup of vegetable broth whenever you feel like it. Listen to your body.

What happen during the program?

While you are on the program, you may feel hungry and your stomach may generate a lot of gas. This is common. We feel hungry because the body has not reduced the digestive juice production yet. But once it is reduced, we won't feel hungry and in fact, you will feel kind of light.

The stomach will generate a lot of gas because the Candida yeast is dying. Candida yeast is common in many of us and it creates problems like IBS, digestive problems and etc...

Candida yeast feeds on simple sugar. Hence, for those of us who always like to eat simple carbohydrates may have a over-growth of this yeast in our digestive tract. This over-growth is will become very problematic on those people who take anti-biotics or hormone-related medicines. In order to solve Candida yeast infection is to stop taking simple carbohydrates and takes lots of pro-biotics.

Apart from gas and hunger, you may have diaherra too. This is good because the body is detoxifying. During the few two to three days, your faeces maybe solid because the colon is clearing all the wanted stuffs that have been stuck in the tract for the past many many years. Once it is clear, your faeces will start to become watery.

Lastly, you may experience migraine, skin rashes, cold-turkey symptoms and etc... All these symptoms happen because you have taken some drugs before such as paracetamol and etc... These toxic medicines stay in the liver or the body for as long as it can. Hence, when the body starts drawing it out from the organs and throw into the bloodstreams, all these symptoms will happen. During this period, you will feel weak. Just endure it. This is the most critical period. Once this is over, your body will start to rebuild itself and your energy level will goes up.


After the Detox program, the recovery period is even more important. This is because, we have to recover the body to its original stage. We cannot eat solid food straight away. By doing that, it will hurt the body tremendously and it will do more harm than what you have gained during the detox program.

After the Detox program, our means should be small but frequent. This is because, the body is still low on digestive juice. If you eat lots of food, the body will not be able to cope and you may have gastric or stomach upset or the food may not be digested and stuck in the digestive tract.

First day:

The first morning after your Detox program:

  • Prepare some nice fruits for yourself. Food such as apples, pear or papaya are great. Don't eat citrus fruits as it maybe too acidic for the stomach. Just eat until eighty percent full. You may want to drink your vegetable juice too.

Lunch and dinner:

  • You can prepare some steamed vegetables to eat.

Second day:

  • Same as first day

Third day:

  • Eat 50% of your second day diet. At the same time, you may want to start eating a small portion of steamed fish or chicken for protein. You may also want to start taking protein powder with positrim to have a good dose of protein for the body.

Fourth day on wards:

  • Continue to increase your solid food intake in small portions but at a more frequent interval until you feel that your body is ready. Listen to your body clearly. Do not ignore any tell-tale signs.

Important notes:

  • Continue to drink lots of WTS water

  • Take your supplements as usual

  • Continue to drink your juice after each meal

  • No diary products into the body

  • No coffee or tea too

  • Lastly, your body is already clean, why do you want to dirty it again?

  • No cold food or drinks. If your fruits are in the fridge, take it out and eat it later. This is because any food or drinks that are below the body temperature will make the stomach contract. This will only lessen the digestive juice been produced.

What should we do after the programs?

AS we continue on these improved diet that is friendly to the body, our body will start to rebuild itself. And this is the period that you will notice your skin starts to glow again, your eye bags start to disappear, your usual skin rashes disappear and etc... I will put it simply, the body starts to do housekeeping as much as possible. Drawing every single toxins out from every tissue, throw it into the blood stream and get it out from the body. It will continue to do it until the house is clean.

Our body will go into three phases of housekeeping:


Catabolism is a process whereby the body breakdown molecules into smaller units. These smaller units are made up degenerative materials in the body. Hence, during this phase, the body will discard all the old or not-so-good cells out of the body and replace it with new cells. The production of these new cells depend very much on the food we eat. If we eat clean and nutritious food, our body will build nice and good cells. And that's what we should do. During this phase, we will lose weight. This is because the rate of destroying the old tissues is faster than the rate of growing the good tissues.

Stabilization is whereby the rate of destruction is equal to the rate of growth. During this period, we stop losing weight.

The last stage is anabolism. This is the final phase of the body regenerative process. During this stage, our calorie intakes maybe low but because the rate of growth is faster than the rate of destroying old tissues, we will start to put on weight.

Lastly, if we experience any sickness, don't panic. It is just a sign that the body is detoxifying. Learn to live with it and we will be fine.

Important notes:

  • If this is your first-time, go for a six day program.

  • If you have done it before, I will encourage you to go for a ten-day program.

  • If you have certain chronic illness, a twenty-one day will be beneficial.

  • If you have cancer, you have to do this program for forty-two days. Please read the "Breuss Cancer Cure" book before doing the forty-two days program. Besides that, the Nutrilite dosages are different too. Please email me if you intend to do the forty-two days program.

By the way, have you read the disclaimer?


  1. Using this program for detox currently. Most postings online are for the Cancer Cure so this posting was helpful in understanding what needs to be done for the detox/cleanse.

    Wondering also... after an intense gym workout yesterday while on Day 8, am feeling very low energy level. What can I do to get the energy back-up? I am not dehydrated.

  2. Hi,

    If your energy low, you can choose to drink a bit of honey to boost your energy level. However, I won't recommend intense workout during this period. Let the body focus on detoxing and burning the fat.

    If you want to sweat, go for a 10,000 steps walk is more feasible. Be gentle to the body during this period.

  3. While on your detox program you recommend 4 servings of Double X! Isn't that too much because the normal recommendation is 2 a day. Plus we are taking the Daily. Also I see that you have not included the "Fruit & Vegetable Concentrate".

    -Sumeet (New Delhi)

  4. During Detox time, a lot of vitamins and minerals will be used up tremendously. Thus, it is important to load up multi-vitamin. You can choose to reduce it if you want to. There is no hard and fast rule on it. As for fruits and vegetables, they are not required as these are fibre tablets.

  5. Hi Kenny,

    My husband would like to do the "Breuss Cancer Cure" program for forty-two days. We managed to get the Biotta juice plus all other teas required. Can he also take the Amway supplements during this forty-two days treatment? If yes, could you recommend which are the supplements that he can consume? Thank you.

    Esther (Malaysia)

  6. Hi Esther,

    All the supplements recommended are in this blog entry. Kindly review it in detail.


  7. I have rare cancer of the maxillary sinus.I had it operated & radiation done for 6 weeks.
    Because mine is different from the common type,what shall i do or take to prevent reoccurance & to built up health.

    Per my doctor, he asked me to eat per normal.
    Pls advise

  8. Hi,

    I don't really believe as in eat per normal. What you really need to do now is to follow a healthy diet. If you have a chance to speak to many cancer survivor, most of them has gone into 100% organic diet.

    Furthermore, you need to sleep well too. Allowing the Liver to do its work better and it is good for body. Here are some of my two cents worth of opinions:

    1) Eat well. 100% organic. No microwave, no plastic and no no-stick pans.

    2) Sleep well so that the body can regenerate itself.

    3) Think positive. There is still a whole life out there waiting for you.

    4) Join a support group if there is one out there. Mix around with positive people. Let people know about your condition. Some people will run away from you and some will stay by you. You will know who are the people you want to hang around with.

    5) Lastly, remember these pointers. 8-)

  9. Hi Kenny, for cancer of the maxillary sinus, any supplement that you would recommend.?

    Also the doctors said that due radiation, i will loose my left ear hearings. My salivary glands are also effected.ALso because i had a hole open in my mouth, an abtovator(part dental & hole blocker).My mouth is tight & can open only 15 mm. It makes it difficulty to eat because food trapped & my mouth is restricted.ALso i feel moody as my whole body is dry & need moisture cream even after 7 weeks from last radiation.

    Pls advise how to go back to normal.

    Also pls advise point 5) Lastly ,rememeber these ponters.8-)

  10. Hi,

    I'm really sorry to hear your situation and I'm not too sure what supplement to recommend you. This is the cancer around nose area and thus, I can guess anything that is good for nose may help. This is just my guess and I hope you are not offended by this.

    The only way to take supplements are to grind them to powder and mix with juices. I guess this is the best to take it. As for your body, you can try using Amway dishdrop to bath.

    I have a friend who once went through chemo and had a same problem exactly like yours. After chemo, she had dry and sensitive skin. After trying all kind of so-called moisturizing soap, she realized only Amway dish drops was able to do the job. What a joke right? I think it worked because it contain aloe vera and coconut oil.

    As for the point 5), what I meant is to remember point 1 to 4.

    Hope this helps.

  11. how much will the 14 day nutrilite detox program cost?

  12. Hi SS,

    Nutrilite stuffs are from Amway. You need to get it from Amway distributors. May I know which country are you from?