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Gallstone part 1

Success Story 1

Gall Stones - I flushed them down!! Sunday, 23 July 2006 9:27:57

Hi Friends!
Just want to share with all of you who have gall stones or know of someone who has them. There is no need for operation, you can get rid of them yourself!
In May 06, I went for my health screening. The x-ray showed that there were calcified deposits. In Aug 06, I went for abdominal scans, I saw the numerous gall stones. Doctor said that many people have them and don�t even know. They can be harmful when these stones get stuck in the bile duct and one will get jaundice, etc.
This is what I did�.. Found this website and confirmed with my friend, Kenny, who is a health expert, that olive oil with lemon/grapefruit will flush the gall stones.
I did my own natural self-healing of gall stones. There were hundreds of green deposits. If I�ve collected them all, I could have stringed them and have an �emerald� necklace. Be prepared for diarrhea �.very watery loose stools for almost 24 hours from yest 6pm till today 5pm and sore anus.
If you know of anyone or even yourself... who has high blood pressure, diabetes, etc, you can always contact me for help or to clarify any inquiries. I've helped people to be off their medication with natural healing vitamins. Let me help you!
Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to disappear, too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy and an increased sense of well being. This is a natural way to effectively and painlessly remove stones from the gallbladder and liver.
Purpose of the cleanse:

This cleanse is used to clean the liver and gall bladder of gall stones, gravel and sand to dramatically improve your body's health. The liver cleanse also has the ability to expel pollutants and toxins from the gallbladder and liver. The main advantage is of course that a liver cleanse not only purges the gallbladder of its contents, but also does major house cleaning in the liver which an operation can never achieve.

Epsom salts (box from any pharmacy. About S$4)
4 Tablespoons to 3 cups
(1 cup = 250ml) of water
Olive oil
1/2 to 3/4 of a cup
(Use extra virgin olive oil)
1 grapefruit and 1 lemons
Enough to squeeze 1/4 cup
of lemon and 1/2 cup of
grapefruit juice
Suitable jar with non-metallic lid
Shake your mixture well
and gulp it down
Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse so that you can rest the next day. Take no medicines, vitamins or other pills that you can do without. They could hinder success of the cleanse.
Sat breakfast till 1pm:
Eat a no-fat fruit breakfast and light fat-free lunch such as cooked cereals with fruit but no butter or milk. This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.
2:00 PM. Do not eat or drink after 2:00 o'clock.
If you break this rule you could feel quite uncomfortable later. Get your Epsom salts ready.
Mix 4 heaping tablespoons of Epsom salts in 3 cups of water (Each cup is 250ml) and pour this into a jar. This makes four servings, 3/4 cup each. Don�t drink yet. Place the jar in the refrigerator to get ice cold (this is for convenience and taste only).
6:00 PM. 1st cup
Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of the ice cold prepared Epsom salts water. I started purging immediately.
If you did not prepare this potion ahead of time at 2:00 PM, mix 1 heaping tablespoon in 3/4 cup of water now. You may add 1/8 teaspoon of vitamin C powder to improve the taste.
If you have no vitamin C powder then add a little citrus juice to improve the taste; but this is entirely optional.
8:00 PM. 2nd cup
Repeat the above by drinking another 3/4 cup of Epsom salts water. You have not eaten since two o'clock, but you won't feel hungry.
9:45 PM. Prepare olive oil & fruit juices
Pour 3/4 cup (measured cup) of your high quality olive oil into the jar. Pour the prepared � cup of squeezed grapefruit and � cup of lemon juice into the jar. Close the jar tightly with its lid and shake briskly until well mixed, almost watery. Only fresh squeezed juice will do this. Now visit the bathroom one or more times, even if this makes you slightly late for your ten o'clock drink. Be ready to go to bed.
10:00 PM. Drink Olive Oil and fruit juices.
Take the solution to your bedside if you want, but drink it standing up. Drink the potion you have mixed. Very elderly, or weak persons, should space this over a period of 15 minutes. Lie down immediately. The sooner you lie down, the more stones you will get out. Put your knees up to your chest in a fetal position. Lie on your right side for at least half an hour. The oil/citrus juice mixture will go to your gallbladder and liver. These organs will not know what to do with THAT much oil emulsion, so they will spasm and throw off all the available bile - plus stones, gravel and crystals.
Sun morning. 3rd cup
Upon wakening, take your third dose of prepared Epsom salt solution. If you have indigestion or nausea, wait until this is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. Don't take this potion before 6:00 AM. It would be best if you don't get up and have someone else give you this potion. This drink will act as a mild laxative and provoke several later loose bowel movements.
2 hours later. 4th cup (the last one - Thank God!) dose of Epsom salts.
Drink 3/4 cup of the mixture. You may go back to bed if you like.
After 2 more hours.
you may get up and take something into your empty stomach. Start with some fresh-made fruit juice. Half an hour later, eat some fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food but keep it light. By supper you should feel recovered.
How well did you do?
Expect diarrhea in the morning, after 3rd cup of Epsom Salts. Look for the green deposits since this is proof that they are genuine gallstones, not food residue. Only bile from the liver is pea green. The bowel movement sinks but gallstones float because of the cholesterol inside. Count them all roughly, whether tan or green. There are hundreds or even up to 2000 stones.

Sometimes the bile ducts are full of cholesterol crystals that did not form into round stones. They appear as a �chaff� floating on top of the toilet bowl water. It may be tan colored, harboring millions of tiny white crystals. Cleansing this chaff is just as important as purging stones.

Never purge when you are ill, Pregnant . The elderly should do this purge under the supervision of a health specialist. If you want to save your gallstones (for proof), place them in the freezer since they will continue to disintegrate otherwise.

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  1. It was nice hearing your experience with this. Most of my family has done this, but I haven't gotten to yet. I'm breastfeeding so I'm concerned about the toxins being kicked up and going into my milk so I may have to sit this one out for another year or so. Anyways.. I hear drinking the salts sucks, but that its definitely worth it. I used to drink the sea salt and water solution (first thing in morning) when doing liver cleanses to flush out my system. Its pretty neat because apparently it somehow mimics blood so your body just passes it through instead of absorbing the water and salt.. and if you got the right solution it seems like it would cause a similar (*ahem* explosive) reaction. ;) haha.. I'd have to tell myself I was drinking broth to get through the liter I would drink at a time. yack. Anyways.. thanks for sharing your experience.