Sunday, 6 May 2007

Lin Hai Feng Power Breakfast

I talked to one of the chinese group DD and they learn a lot from Lin Hai Fong nutritional CD,she told me LHF encourages all of us drink this special formulated "morning healthy breakfast" for all of us and our family members,this recipe consisits of all the nutrients our body required everyday and even if you don't have time for a good breakfast, this is enough for your body, it helps a lot of people especially those who have sicknesses to slowly help their body get back to their healthy shape, of course,they also have to do the other optimal health requirements..those who have pigmentation will find these slowly faded,those who have constipation problem will also get it solved,etc etc..
here is the recipe: use blender :
1-fresh milk or soya milk or water (your chocie)
2-Green Apple
3-Active 8 -your decide how much according to taste(try out yourself)
4-B complex-C-2
6-Protien powder- 2 scoop
7-Positrim- 1/2 packet to 1 packet
9-Ginseng and gingko biloba-1
10-Lecithin E-2
blend and make into a jar of breakfast drinks..
try out yourself before you share with YAMEE!
oh,ya, please take separately one multicarotene 'os this is gel form and you cnanot put into blender..
regards shaw jean


  1. "HEALTHY" Breakfast is very important..yes i agree...
    From the list, i think it is quite expensive ler...any other alternative way?
    Do this breakfast will help on the ache(pimples)?


  2. Yes, it will help to reduce acne problem. But even then, you still have to watch your diet. Depending on this breakfast is not enough. Have to drink enough water, take more raw food such as fruits and vegetables and etc...

  3. So I just need to take this receipe as my breakfast and no ohter thing. Am I right?