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How much protein do we need per day?

May 14, 2006: How much protein do we need per day?

good info from kenny who is very well versed about nutrition!
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Hi Everybody,

For those of us who had been taking Nutrilite protein powder, you guys had asked me this question a couple of times. How much protein powder do we need to take per day.

well, before I answer this question, we need to know how much protein does the body need to take per day. Our body needs about 1g to 1.2g of protein per kg per day. thus, if your weight is 70kg, you need about 70g to 84g of protein per day.

hence, if we are taking nutrilite protein powder, each scoop contains about 8g of protein, then we need about 8 to 10 scoops per day. however, that doesn't mean we need to take so many scoops because most likely, we will be getting some protein from the food that we eat daily.

But some people will be different. let's say you are a vegetarian and you don't eat soya-based product in your daily diet, then you need to take more scoops. if you a non-vegetarian and you seldom take meat and you don't usually take soya-based food, you also need to take more scoops. Basically, for those who do take meat, soya-based food, beans or nuts in your daily diet, then you may want to take less scoops.

My recommendation is to include soya-based foods, beans and nuts in your daily diet. Besides that, take our nutrilite protein powder. then we will have good quality protein for our body. I don't recommend eating meat because it is quite unhealthy. Also, in Singapore, it is difficult to find free-ranch or organic meat to eat. The usual meat that we buy from market or supermarket are usually injected with growth hormone. this is bad for our body.

lastly, do remember to take b-complex when we take nutrilite protein powder. 1 scoop requires 3 tablets of b-complex. this is to ensure good absorption and complete digestion of the protein.


p/s: if you are over-weight, taking more protein will help you to lose weight. if you are under-weight or thin, taking more protein will help you to increase your mass, if you do some weight-lifting. or else, you need to reduce your protein intake.

by the way, have you read the disclaimer?


  1. Can you let me know the system by which one can measure the extent of deficiency of protein other words how to know how much protein one is taking and gap between what should be taken and what is being taken by oneself?

  2. Hi,

    I'm not sure if there is such system around. However, one can know if they are lack of protein by the observing the following symptoms in their body.

    1) Do you have brittle nails? This is lack of protein.
    2) Do you have wrinkles or in-elastic skin? This is lack of protein and vitamin C.
    3) Do you have weight management probelem? This is lack of protein plus exercises and etc...
    4) Do you wake up feeling exhausted? Then you need to take protein powder before sleep.
    5) Do you get sick easily? Then you need to increase your protein and vitamin C intake.
    6) Do you have a healthy breakfast for a good start? If not, take at least 2 scoops of protein powder for a start.

    However, there is no system out there to really measure how much you need. I would suggest 2 scoops for breakfast and 2 scoops before sleep for maintenance purposes. You still need to take protein from other sources such as meat and bean based food.