Monday, 30 July 2007

How much dried-up faecal matter do you carry?

According to The Sun, a Malaysia newspaper, dated on June 14 2007, page 30 in the lifestyle section, there was an article with the title "The 'hidden' secrect to slimming."

In the article, it mentioned on an average, most people carry between 2kg to 5kg of old, dried-up faecal matter in their intestine.

In my own thoughts, I think some people definitely has more than that. Especially, those who are obese or seriously over-weight.

Thus, when a person is going through a detox programme, it will help to flush out these accumulated waste and makes us feel 'lighter'.

Sunday, 29 July 2007


Hi Kenny,

Few days ago, i consulted a friend regarding Arthritis about what supplements to take. Cos my granny having a lot of pain in the knee for years. I ask her what the doctor say. The doctor told her is arthritis. In chinese, "guan jie yan". And she told me that like no glum between the joints.

My friend recommend to me to ask my granny to take Bio C and Salmon Omega. When i refer to the book on "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know about Nutritional Medicine May be Killing You", Bio C and Salmon Omega are not mention but rather Glucosamine Sulfte.

One thing for sure is that Glucosamine Sulfte is currently not available in Amway Singapore. Is there a substitute? What is the reason behind taking Bio C and Salmon Omega that would help arthritis. I am in doubt now. Please advise me.



You are the right that Glucosamine Sulfte is good for arthritis. On the other hand, it is not mentioned that it is only a short-term solution.

What your friend had recommended is a long term solution. Think along this line. Why does the
"glum" disappear? Especially in old people? This is because they are not taking enough nutrients for the body to repair and produce the "glum" between the joints.

Beside what your friend had recommended, I will suggest to add the follow supplements:

Salmon Omega: 1/1/-/-
Double X: 1/1/1/-
Bio-C: 4/4/4/4
Protein Powder: 1/1/1/-
B-Complex: 3/3/3/-

Combining Bio-C and Protein Powder will enble the body to produce collagen, that is essential for the "glum".

Salmon Omega helps to lubricate the joints.

Double X contains important anti-oxidant, vitamins and
minerals to help repair, protect and produce.



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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

X2O3 and Anti-oxidants

Nowadays, there is a new way of taking Double X. That is 2 dose of Double X and 3 dose of Omega 3 per day. This is nothing new to many of us who are already taking Double X and Fish Oil. However, to those who are new, you may wonder why?

During my June talk at Safra Yishun Singapore, I had spoken about this and I think, I will take this opportunity to talk about it again in this blog for the benefit of everybody.

Before we talk about Double X and Fish Oil, let's understand our cell structure. Once we understand it, we will know why we are taking X2O3.

Our cell is simply made up of 2 structure. Although there is much more, let's simplify the whole matter. The cell has a fat membrane that protects the internal part of the cell that contains the DNA. The DNA contains all the information on how the cell should function and react. If this information is altered, you will get what we call a cancerous cell. Thus, it is so critical to ensure that the DNA is not damaged. Besides ensuring that the DNA is not damaged, it is also important to ensure that the fat membrane is made up of good fat, not bad fat. The fat membrane enables the inflow of nutrients into the cell and outflow of unwanted waste from the cell. Besides that, the cell membrane has receptors that enable the cell to broadcast and receive messages from other cells. Hence, it is necessary that the cell membrane is properly developed. An example of a symptom that shows the fat membrane that is made up of bad fat is insulin-resistance. Once a person develop insulin-resistance symptoms, it shows that the cell is unable to communicate with the insulin properly.

Why Double X?
According to a clinical trial done by Nutrilite Institute, it is shown that Double X improve DNA stability, and those with DNA damage showed almost twice as much improvement after taking Double X. You can get hold of this information at Quixtar website.

Why Salmon Omega Fish Oil?
It is the good fat that the body needs. It helps to balance the ratio between Omega 6 and 9. Our diet today has too much of 6 and 9 and it causes a lot of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, Arthritis and etc...

So for those of us who are starting to take Double X, it is a good start to take X2O3.

Double X: 1/-/1/-
Omega Fish Oil: 2/1/-/-

Now, for those of us who are already taking X2O3 and knows about nutrition, I will suggest that you read on.

Now that we know Double X protects DNA, Salmon Omega Fish Oil gives us good fat to make good fat membrane for the cell. But, what we have not discussed is about protecting the fat membrane and boosting the DNA system within the cells.

If we have watched movies like Star Wars or Star Trek, we will understand this technology called Force Shield. It is an invisible that protects the battleship from damage during battle. Our cells, also have this capability but, most of the time, we did not provide enough raw materials for our force shield to be up and protecting the cells.

To protect the fat membrane, we need Vitamin A, C and E. These 3 vitamins will provide the necessary raw materials for our body to boost the force shield.

Now that we have created the force shield to protect the cell membrane, preventing the receptors from been damage. The next thing that we can do is to boost energy within the cell and COQ10 has this capability to do it. COQ10 has the ability to boost ATP from the cell that will boost the body stamina.

Thus, if we want to support the body with all the weapons, here's the recommended dosage.
Only serious people needs to take.

Double X: 1/1/1/-
Omega Fish Oil: 2/1/-/-
Multi-carotene: 3/3/3/3 until skin turns orange. Stop.
Bio-C: 4/4/4/4
Lecithin: 4/4/4/4 or 8/8/8/8
COQ10: -/1/-/-

To improve optimal energy utilization, add B-complex:
B-Complex: 3/3/3/-

To improve blood flow:
Garlic: 1/1/1/-
Ginseng and Gingko: 2/2/-/-

To protect the Liver:
Milk Thistle: 2/-/-/2
If you want to detox, take 5/-/-/5 for 30 days

To have optimal protein intake:
Protein Powder: 2/-/2/-
Change B-complex intake to 6/3/6/- instead of 3/3/3/-
Include Calcium Magnesium 1/-/1/-

Ok, that's about all. Hope you become Super-being!!!