Sunday, 27 May 2007

Breast Cancer

Hi Kenny,

My wife's churchmate is having breast concer (3rd Stage Cancer) and yesterday she undergo her very first kemotherapy. Every 3 weeks there will be one Kemo, total there are 8 kemos to be carried out.

We are very much appreciate to hear from you with regards to the following:

1) She go Kemo, partly because her family member strongly believed it will help. But she does not want to go through all the 8 kemo if there is good option.

2) Please advise what approach she should take.

3) We have bought Two Cans of Protein Powders, Nutrilite A, C and E, and Daily. We inttended to give her this Thursday, please advise is these the right products to give her.

here's my answer. firstly, no protein powder for her.

secondly, i'm not sure if Nutrilite is suitable for her now since she is going through chemo. If she wants to use alternative medicine, these are the requirements:

COQ10: 1/1/1/1
Salmon Fish Oil: 1/1/1/-
EPO plus: 1/1/1/-
Garlic: 1/1/1/1
Daily: 1/1/1-
Calcium/Magnesium: 1/1/1/-
Multi-carotene: 3/3/3/3 until skin turns orange. once it
turns orange, stops. once colour disappear, continue again.
B-complex: 5/5/5/5
Bio-C: 4 tablets every 15mins. take note of the amount taken when diaherra occurs. This will be the required dosage for bio-C everyday.
Lecithin E: 3/3/3/3 during the 1st 3 days. 6/6/6/6 during the next 3 days. thereafter 10/10/10/10 all the way
Nutri-Bifdus: 1/1/1/- finish the entire box
Black Cohosh: take according to bottle instructions
Milk Thistle: 1/1/1/1
Buy this product call Melatonin 3mg. Take 2 tablets before sleep.
Until the day she is fully recovered, her diet is as follows:
1) Drink only WTS water
2) Bath WTS water only
3) Make a daily juicing of fresh organic brocoli, cauliflower, carrots, dark leafy greens and an apple. if not organic, clean the vegetables thoroughly. However, I don't recommend it. This is all she can take and drink everyday. no other food and drink.
This will help if she follows 101%.


Dear Kenny,

Fore most of all, we really appreciate and thankful of your prompt reply. We noted the huge huge amount of Tablets to be taken each single day. Though money is a concern, but Life is precious which money can't substitude. Mentally and schologically she need to be very strong and firm.

Noted that Lin Hai Fong's book did mention that the patient must read his book and view his VCD before he/she is being treated. Hence, i did pass both Lin Hai Fong's Book and VCE to her.
Qs 1) Will she has very bad constipation if she has to take "Total 103 tablets a day"?? Beside that, she has to take """Bio-C: 4 tablets every 15mins. take note of the amount taken when diaherra occurs. This will be the required dosage for bio-C everyday."""
Qs 2) Where does this receipe come from, we believed that she will ask? The patient belief level has to attain certain level before she takes the steps of consuming 103 Tablets A Day, as well as taking Bio C: 4 tablets every 15 mins......ETC.
Qs 3) Some years ago during the SAR period, the Doctor commended in the Straits Times that overdosage of Vitamin will have side effect and may be harmful to the body. Please commend with regards to "overdosage of Vitamin C".
Lastly, again we are very grateful of your help in which we have taken a lot of your precious time to respond to our queries.


For all cancer patients, this is the minimum amount to take per for books to read, these are the one:
1) Basic Health Publications user's guide to Natural Therapies for
cancer prevention and control
2) Gerson Therapy
3) Breuss Cancer Cure
4) What your doctor may not tell you about breast cancer

Every cancer patient that seeks my help, needs to read no. 1 to 3.

As for your wife's friend, she needs to read no. 4 too.

To understand whether this is too much or perhaps too little, you may want to read books on orthomolecular medicine.

Lastly, no discount to any of the dosages or supplements.


Hi Kenny,
Yap, thank you very much for your sharing of the Cancer Treatment. With great appreciation for your time and effort. Good Day!


no problem. just send your email should you have questions. cancer is actually quite easy to cure in some ways or another. it becomes difficult because of the people around the cancer patient and of course, the cancer patient himself or herself must be committed to make drastic changes in their daily life.

Afterall, what they had done before have given them cancer. if they don't change the path they have been taking, then theywill still end up with the same problem.



Hi Kenny,
Just curious why no protein powder? If you are covering in your next talk, I can wait. I have a cousin who consume protein powder during his 'interval' of chemo treatment. He felt much better as it gave him energy.
Thanks alot.
Going through Chemo is a catch 22 situation.

On one hand, chemo is supposed to kill the cancer cells, however,it kills all other cells as well. thus protein becomes a very important raw matertials for the good cells to regeneate. however, it is also a food for the cancer cells too.

Thus, a person will feel better when they take protein powder while going through chemo. however, what they didn't know is they are supplying food for the dying cancer cells.In the alternative way of resolving cancer problem, the first step is to stop protein supply. Lin Haifeng once said that if the patient is going through chemo, he doesn't want to help them and I suspect this is the main reason.




  1. Hi Kenny,

    My aunt is also undergoing chemo for breast cancer (stage 1). She is 61 this year. She had the first treatment early Dec, and next treament is due next week. The mastectomy was performed in October last year, and she had earlier completed 25 sessions of radiotherapy.
    I was browsing through the internet for supplements to consume while and after chemo and I came across your blog.
    You recommended a diet for a patient. Is there no other way? My aunt is not well off, and may find the prescribed diet expensive.

    She is now also on Ensure milk. Is this ok?

    another thing is I am on Novynette for the last 2 years. I had endometriosis, which was removed, and had undergone 1/2 yr of post surgery treatment of Lucrin jabs).
    About 2 mths after my menses resumed, I experienced menstrual pains, similar to that when I had endometriosis. I saw a gynae and he prescribed Novynette, an oral contraceptive, daily intake. In doing so, I do not menstruate as each menstruation would increase the possibility of recurrance of endometriosis.

    I am wondering if there is other way through Nutrilite that I can lay off Novynette and minimise recurrance?

  2. Hi,

    For your aunt, I would suggest that she continues what she is doing now. Afterall, she has gone through all the therapies. I hope she is responding well.

    As for you, I need to ask you a question. Do you have a healthy diet? Usually such problem is hormone related and, it is due to the woman not taking care of themselves.

    I would suggest you try taking Nutrilite EPO Plus and Protein Powder.

    See how it goes after taking it.

    Good luck.


  3. Hi Kenny

    My Mom having breast cancer (2nd Stage Cancer)and now she undergoing chemotherapy; I want to know which are the best Nutrilite for your her?

  4. Hi Puneet,

    While your mum is under-going chemotherapy, her body will be fill up with toxin from the chemo.

    I will suggest that she takes Double X, COQ10, Bio-C and Milk Thistle.

    1) Take Double-X as per instructions.
    2) 4 tablets of Bio-C hourly.
    3) $ tablets of Milk Thistle before sleep and after wakeup.
    4) COQ10 3 capsules per day.

    Hope this help.


  5. Hi Kenny
    My Dad has 3 legions on his liver and I'd like to know the amount of milk thistle he should be taking daily and should it be with a meal before
    chemo and how much Schisandra before or after

    lookin for healing

  6. Hi there, I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1 this August. I have been taking Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin since the beginning of this year and was wondering if I should continue taking it?
    Any help on this department is much appreciated.


  7. Hi Akimi,

    I'm so sorry to hear this news from you. Taking multi-vitamin is definitely not an issue. It is also recommended to take mega-dose of vitamin C as well.

    Hope you can recover from it asap.

  8. Hi Kenny,
    My father (age 55) is having esophaegal cancer (stage 1). He has already had 3 rounds of chemo. Can you please suggest what nutritional medicine should he consume?

  9. Hi Shweta,

    I don't really have anything to recommend. However, I would recommend to take supplements that are good for his heart (COQ10) and Liver (Milk Thistle). As a whole, take Double X for general well-being and last but not least, follow a organic diet.

  10. Hi My name is Amrita.. I have a friend with breast cancer ..and she is gaining weight with the medication she is taking... she want to start taking Nutrilite Slimmerty to help lose the weight while exercising. She also wants to know if you can recommend a Nutrilite product to help her bones.?

    1. Hi Amrita,

      I hope your friend is doing well. I will not recommend someone to lose weight due to gain weight because of medication. Is your friend taking steroid? I would recommend that she stays healthy, sleep well and be happy.

  11. Dear Kenny

    I truly appreciate your taking the time out to help people.
    My mother has breast cancer(stage 3) and has already undergone 4 chemo-therapies,4 more to go,followed by surgery & radiation.
    I am very concerned about her treatment & try to include a lot of fruit,juices,salads in her diet.
    Please could you guide me with regard to what supplements she should take.
    Much gratitude

    1. Hi Rachita,

      I would like to apologize for replying your comment so late. I have been busy with my young family. May I ask, how is your mum doing now? Usually, there is a need to boost the immune system. Supplements like COQ10, Milk Thistle, multi-vitamins and Bio-C help a lot.

  12. Hi kenny,
    I am Ajay Malik (33 yr), suffering from Epitheliod Sarcoma. I have undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherpy. Now from last 14 months Tab. Votrient was going on. But now it fails too. Can you please suggest me any nutrilite product. Thanks

  13. Hi Ajay,

    I hope you are good and I'm so sorry that it took me so long to response. I hope you are fine. I can only encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle, take the COQ10, Milk Thistle, Bio-C, Lecithin E and the Multi-vitamins.