Sunday, 6 May 2007

Nutrition for Beginners

Hi Team,

Recently, many people had been asking me how to take vitamins. Especially for those who are new. Although everybody knows why they need to take vitamins, they would like to know how.

Maybe you can share this information with them.

In our today diets, we have 3 types of too much:

1) Too much of salt (sodium)
2) Too much of sugar (your simple carbohydrates)
3) Too much of bad fats (trans fatty acid)

3 types of too little:

1) Drink too little of water
2) Take too little of fresh produces like fresh fruits & vegetables
3) Eat too little of nutritious food in the morning

So how can we solve this problem:

1) Take 2 tablets of daily to have enough potassium. Potassium balance sodium
2) Take B-complex and protein powder to balance of too much simple carbo intake
3) Take Fish Oil, EPO plus & Lecithin E to balance of trans-fat intake
4) Drink more Amway water treatment system water to hydrate the body
5) Take lots of bio-C. Good for kidney
6) Take power breakfast to have a nutritious breakfast. This is extremely
good for children.

Hope this will help everybody.


Power Breakfast formula:
fresh milk or soya milk or water (your choice)
Green Apple
Active 8 -you decide how much (try out yourself)
B complex - 4
C- 2
Protien powder- 2 scoop
Positrim- 1/2 packet to 1 packet
Ginseng and gingko biloba-1
Lecithin E-2

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