Sunday, 13 March 2011

Why billions eat unhealthy rice - and shouldn't

I think this article is definitely worth reading if you are having some health challenges. Regardless what it is, whether it is your heart, your brain, your leg and whatsoever, read this article.

I'm an advocate of "rice-less" diet. Or, I should say "no white rice diet." In my numerous health talks in the past, I had mentioned many times why white rice is so dangerous. I just want to raise it again in this blog.

1) Eating white rice is no difference than eating pure white sugar, except without the sweet taste. If you can imagine eating a bowl of white rice is equivalent to eating a bowl of sugar, will you still eat it?

2) White rice does not have any nutrition versus non-polished rice. Although white rice is cheaper, it gives you problem versus brown or non-polished rice, although they are more expensive. So the case is very straight forward. Cheaper but will kill you eventually, or more expensive but will save you. Take your pick.

3) Diabetes, kidney problem, heart and etc... all these health challenges have a common characteristics. These individuals may have pursue what I called a high calorie diet. In Asia, most likely, it will be white rice than anything.

A white rice loses the following nutrients: Fibre, vitamin B and plus some other nutrients. If you think it this way.

If you eat a bowl white rice, would you agree with me that you must take fibre tablets before eating your rice? Thereafter, you will still need to take B-complex and Daily or Double X.