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Hi Kenny,

I had a question and hope you can help to ease this problem.

I had a niece who is 8 yers old and had a bedwetting problem during sleeping.The parent had sent the child to see a specialist doctor for treatment in KK children hospital and the doctor had dignose the child a medicine called DESMOPRESSIN.I had run thru in the internet to see if there will be any side effect and this is what it said. (Was advice to take the medicine for 3 month)

(There are rarely, if any, significant side-effects.However, as desmopressin reduces water with excretion from the body, it can potentially cause water retention if a child continues drinking excessively after taking the medication. Side effects occur occasionally, and include headache, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps and rarely, fits. An important precaution for those children using desmopressin is to avoid drinking water before bedtime.)

Is there any supplement that the child could take to solve this problem?

Awaiting for your advice....




for such cases, it is usually due to weak bladder or kidney. I recommend the kid to see a reputable chinese doctor to strengthen the organs. Any Eu Yen Sen clinic will be a good choice.

Alternatively, you may want to try this.

1) Protein Powder: 1/1/1/-
2) B-complex: 3/3/3/-
3) Daily: 1/1/1/-
4) Multi-carotene: 1/1/1/-
5) Lecithin E: 2/2/2/-

I suggest you blend it for the kid to drink. The parent
may want to add some fruits to put in some taste.

Some pointers to take note:

1) Do not drink anything 1 hour before sleep
2) No cow's milk, simple carbohydrates and fast-food. Bedwetting at this age maybe caused by food allergies.
3) The kid self-esteem maybe affected. The parents play an
important role to encourage the kid and solve the problems.



Hi Kenny,

Thank for the advice.

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