Sunday, 6 May 2007

Children Coughing

Hi Kenny

My friend's 7 year old son frequently cough. Would you

recommend our Chewable C?

What other supplements may be helpful ?

For someone with warts, would you recommend Milk Thistle ?

What else may be helpful ?


hi ,

sorry for the late reply. here are some suggestions:

1) if the boy windpipe gets irritated easily, the boy can take some chewable calcium/magnesium to relax it. for dosage, he can take 5 to 6 per day.

2) is the boy sleeping in the air-con environment? or is it due to the haze? sometimes, if the air is too dry, it will make us cough. so, there is a need to put humidifier in the room. if the boy cough when the environment is cold, then, the boy should not sleep with the air-con on.

3) As for diet, no cold food or drinks. no fried, oily and etc...

4) Take cod liver oil to get vitamin A. It will help to strengthen the respiratory system. If the boy can swallow multi-carotene, it will help too. if not, the boy can take some chewable multi-vitamins. as for dosage, he can take up to 10 per days.

5) drink onion soup. buy 2 or 3 big brown australian onion. those that are used by the indian food stalls. not those small reddish local onions. wash it clean. chop the head and tail. do not peel. the outer skin is important. chop the onion and boil soup. they can put a some brown sugar to get some taste. brown sugar, not white sugar. boil for about 10 mins
and thereafter, drink it warm.

hope this will help


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