Monday, 30 April 2007


Hi Kenny,

Thanks for your email. Sorry for the later reply. My mum was diagnosed as 1st stage Broncho Alveloar suspected Non Small Cell lung Cancer. The oncologist from National Cancer Centre did bronchoscopy previous time and said that the results are suspected to be cancer but cannot conclude at this moment. When i asked her what is the diagnosis if its not cancer at moment, she mentioned 90% will develop into cancer. The lung surgeon said that it was not operable as the small scatered cells had spread into wide area of one side of the lung and the other lung was having big patches of cells.The oncologist suggest Chemotherapy ($1.5K per mth) or a new emerging drug Iressa($3.5K per mth)

She will be going for a 2nd biopsy for a conclusive diagnosis I have placed her in macrobiotic brown rice and fresh vegetarian , grains diet with constant austrialian brown onion soup. barley grass drink tooAlso Nutrilite BioC as well.

Will update you soon meanwhile kindly please advise are there other natural foods that can help her condition.

Sincere Thanks
Warmest RGds

Hi ,

It's sad to know that your mum is suffering from 1st stage Broncho Avleloar. It's great to know that you are doing something to help your mum.

Do take note that when a body starts to fight cancer, 3 things will happen:

1) The body will stop using Iron to produce red blood cells. That is why cancer patients tend to have low red blood
cells counts

2) The liver will start making protein to fight cancer

3) The patient may feel tire because the body wants to rest

I have not used macrobiotic diet to help cancer patients, hence, I can't give you advice on this. I personally use both Breuss Cancer Cure and Hippocrates Soup plus Nutrilite supplements to help cancer patients.

To find out more about Breuss Cancer, you can get his book at kinokuniya. The title is called "Breuss Cancer Cure".

As for supplements, your mum will need anti-oxidants, Milk Thistle, Multi-vitamins, Salmon Omega fish oil, B-complex.

Bio-C: take 4 tablets every minutes daily until diarrhea. When a body has diarrhea, it is an indication that you have
enough vitamin C in the body. This is essential because it helps to stop the cancer from spreading.

Lecithin E: 16 to 32 tablets a day. This will give the body 400IU to 800IU of vitamin E. This helps to protect the
fat membranes of the cell from getting attacked by the cancer cells.

Multi-carotene: Take 3 capsules during breakfast, lunch, dinner and before sleep. Once the skin turns orange, stop. Once the colour goes away. Continue again. If you don't want your mum to take multi-carotene, please juice lots of carrot for her to drink. For juicing, please get a proper juicer from those organic shop.

Milk Thistle: 5 tablets before sleep and 5 tablets during breakfast.

Salmon Omega fish Oil: 2 to 3 capsules per day. This is to ensure that the patient's cell has a healthy fat membrane.

Double X multi-vitamin: 4 dosage per day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and before sleep.

B-complex: 3 tablets during breakfast, lunch, dinner and before sleep. If the person cannot sleep after taking B-complex, then after dinner and 2 hours before sleep.

If you have read about how COQ10 treats breast cancer, you can use COQ10 in the regime. 3 capsules per day.

If you have more questions, just sent me an email. Or else, you can call me.


Good morning Thanks for your email, Kenny.
Just some clarifications for BIO C, the patient has to consume 4 tabs every minute? until diahhorea so that he or she can adjust to his daily intake?
For instance if he takes 10 and experiences diahhorea , then he can consume 8 daily?

As fo Lecitin E , he or she must consume 400IU to 800IU of vitamin E.?
Also i tried to find a juicer but the orignal novwalk juicer recommended in Gerson Therapy costs $2.250 K USD and is not available in Singapore.
May i know where can i buy a similar juicer?
Thanks and regards


Didn't realize that I write 4 tablets every minutes. sorry about that. It should be 4 tablets every 15 minutes until diarrhea. Thereafter, they don't need to take anymore Bio-C for the day. For Lecithin E, yes, the person should or encourage to take about 16 to 32 tablets.

As for the juicer, although a hydraulic type is the best, but it is not available in Singapore. The most widely use in Singapore by those serious juicer are those with 2 screws to crush. I can't really describe it to you.

But what you can do is to Brown Rice at Tanglin Mal to check it out.

Give me a call if you are not sure.