Sunday, 26 October 2008

Are you doing Water Delivery?

Here's an important question?

Before you get pregnant or you are now already pregnant, have you decided your delivery mode? If you have decided to do water delivery, then I would like to congratulate you for making this decision. Because, if you are doing water delivery, it will be a drug-free delivery.

Why is this important? Here are the advantages of doing water delivery. By the way, I'm not a gynae. so check out with your gynae first before making any decision. And also, not every gynae will support water delivery. I won't tell you the reason, you go and find out yourself.
Here are the advanatages of water deliver:
  • Water is a natural pain-killer. It reduces the pressure on the body. That is why a pregnant lady can swim, but can't jog.
  • When you deliver in the water, you are squatting. That means, the distance between the vaginal and the baby head is at the shortest. If you are lying down to push the baby, good luck to you. Do you realize that mother earth is not helping you? Instead, she is pulling your baby down. You will need to work extra hard to push it out.
  • The water temperature will be warm. That means, it will be very soothing to you and the baby. When the baby is out of the mother's body, the little one is still in the water. The baby won't get a shock. He will still survive in the water because the umblical cord is still with him. You won't be surprise the baby can be in the water as long as you don't cut the cord.
  • The water will also help to clean the baby although it will be fill with blood and anomic fluid, and any other stuffs that you may think of.
  • Water delivery is natural birth. That means, you will recover very fast as compared to other mothers.
  • Because you are squatting, your doctor will not do episiotomy. Anyway, it is good not to do it. A cut is a cut. It is considered a wound. Mother nature will know how to heal a natural wound, not something that is cut by foreign force.
After talking so much good thing about water delivery, here come's the bad news:
  • Not every doctor believe or will do water delivery. You have to find a gynae who actually believes in it. Not many out there in Singapore.
  • The hospital that you are engaging must have the facilities for you to do water delivery or believe in it.
  • Lastly, you need a doula with you with you to do water delivery. This is a must.
So how now?
  • There are 2 hospitals in Singapore that will do water delivery. They are Thompson Medical and Mount Alvernia Hospital. You have to check out these hospitals yourself and make your own decision.
  • There are 2 only gynaes in Singapore that will do water delivery with you. They are Dr. Paul Tseng and Dr. FM Lai. You have to check out these 2 gentlemen and see who do you like.
  • You need to engage a Doula to help you with the water delivery.
What are my recommendations? Actually, I don't have much recommendations. Just to share with you with my current experience.
  • My wife and I was with another gynae at first. However, I'm someone who wants to do water delivery and the previous wasn't ready for it. So I switch to the current one. He is Dr. Paul Tseng and his office is at Thompson Medical Singapore. To find out more about him, just google Dr. Paul Tseng. I'm not promoting him. So you have to find his contact yourself.
  • My wife will be delivering in Mount Alvernia because many of her friends delivered their babies there. Also, they have a private room for water delivery.
  • You need to engage a doula who is experienced with water delivery. We are engaging parentlink.
Lastly, my baby due date is 1st Jan 09. I will update this blog again on my experience as a father doing water delivery with my wife.

If you need more information, I will be more than happy to reply you. Just put it in the comment section.

Happy Delivery.