Sunday, 23 March 2008

Diffuse Adenomyosis

I just got another news from my Filipino friend that she has diffuse adenomyosis. Her doctor said it is quite thick now. Oh man!!! Isn't it worrisome? 8-(

So what is Adenomyosis? In the medical world, there are many theories to this conditions and nobody knows what causes it?

You can google and finds tons of information on it, but most likely, they will all confuse you. In my opinions, the following are the causes of adenomyosis. However, I will still prefer that you discuss with your doctor for more information. After all, I'm not a doctor.
  • Adenomyosis is an Endometriosis conditions. Endometriosis is a condition of abnormal cells growth that form in the lining of uterus. Thus, an adenomyosis is confined to the uterus area.
  • Adenomyosis is also a blood clot conditions. Thus, it is necessary to improve the blood flow of the body.
  • There are researches pointing to living in a toxic environment will cause such conditions. Especially exposure to both PCBs and Dioxin. Thus, it is important to invest in a water filter system at home. You never know what kind of toxins that goes into our water. Furthermore, when was the last time our government change the municipal water pipes? checkout this link and this one too.
  • Besides our water, the air is a main concern too. Are you living in a highly polluted environment? Near a factory? Main road and etc... Because, fuel by-products will contain these toxins too. By breathing it in over a long period of time will affect the body hormone system. If you are living in a highly toxic environment, it is time to look for another house and move away. If not, invest in a air-purifier system. However, an air-purifier system is not a permanent solution.
  • It is a hormone imbalance problem since it happens during the monthly period.
  • It is also a sign of weak pelvic muscles. Nowadays, many of us sit instead of squat. I will encourage everybody to use a healthstep. I have one at home too.
  • Some nutrition researchers believed it is due to the body inability to absorb calcium. Other believe it is due to food allergens.
Other information:
  • The usual treatment for adenomyosis is to remove the unwanted growth through topical surgery. If it is a severe conditions and you don't wish to have children anymore, your doctor may recommend hysterectomy. However, it may not relieve all the symptoms.
  • The main objective of supplements, a healthy diet and a discipline exercise regime is to prevent further growth in the uterus area.
  • Research have shown woman with such conditions are at a greater risk to develop woman related cancers such as breast and ovarian cancers.
To treat this condition, follow my previous blog entry for both supplements, diets and exercises. Click here.

Besides that, add Nutrilite EPO Plus to your daily supplements regime.

  • For your first bottle, take 1 capsules 4 times a day for 1 month. Stop taking it during your menses period. Once you are clean, continue it.
  • For your second bottle onwards, take 1 capsule 2 times a day. Stop taking it during your menses period. Once you are clean, continue it.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Fatty Liver, Gallstone problem, Urinary Tract Infection and Elevated Blood Sugar

Recently, I got to know a good friend who is currently having health challenges. She is from Philippines and seriously speaking, I'm quite worry for her. The Filipino's diet is very oily, very sweet and very saltish. It is very unhealthy and thus, it will pose a serious health challenge to the nation.

Just imagine, the country has to spend millions or if not, billions of peso on public health instead of other investment objectives. I hope that this good friend of mine would be a healthy pretty lady as soon as possible.

She told me that she has elevated blood sugar and her doctor is just one step away to declare her a diabetes. I believe diabetes is not a permanent disease. It can be control and revert as long as we take control of our life.

She also told me there has been some abnormal growth in her breast. Breast is a very delicate organ in a woman's body. It is easily affected by the body hormone. Thus, a dysfunction Liver will also affect the breast. Not only that, nowadays, all the meat that we eat is full of synthetic hormones. All poultries, seafoods and etc... These hormones have a devastating effect on our body. That is why kids grow faster and bigger than before. And thus, it will also have devastating effects on the breast.

Let's say, if one day you are facing a similar problems like hers, what should you do? We need to break down the problems into two areas: Immediate and Long term.

So, what are the immediate tasks or objectives to achieve? Immediate objectives are something that we can achieve within a month.

  • Remove the gallstones. If not, it will affect the Liver
  • Start switching to healthy diet.
  • Go onto a weight management program.
Long term objectives? Long term objectives as something that we can achieve within 3 months or longer.
  • If a lady has urinary tract infections, it means the pro-biotics in the body has been wiped out. Most likely, she had taken anti-biotics before and the doctors didn't bother to explain the side-effect to her. This is very common as many doctors either don't understand or don't believe in this. Furthermore, if a lady has UTI, the doctor will most likely prescribe anti-biotics to solve it. This is just a temporary solution and the UTI will definitely come back again.
  • A fatty liver will take a long time to heal. Hence, whoever has a fatty liver needs to start focusing on Liver-friendly diet. A fatty liver shows that the body has started to lose its ability to breakdown fats. Furthermore, the chances of getting heart-related problem is very high too. Especially clogged arteries.
  • An elevated blood sugar shows 2 problems. Insulin resistance has started and the Liver maybe affecting the pancreas too. After all, Liver is the body biggest hormone producing organ and the pancreas is also control by the Liver in one way or another.
  • Make daily exercise as part of our lifestyle. Walk at least 10,000 steps per day. Get a pedometer. It will be good if this 10,000 steps are walked continuously. If not, this should be the minimum numbers of steps achieve per day. If at the end of the day, you haven't achieved your 10,000 steps, then just continue to walk until you reach 10,000. Make it habit.
Let's start focusing on what we should do on a daily basis to resolve these problems. Success is a simple discipline repeat everyday.

As I mentioned before, we need to start focusing on Liver friendly diet. This will help the Liver to heal. According to Lin Haifeng, one day of damage requires three days of repair. Thus, when we are sick, it takes the body long time to heal completely because the sickness doesn't happen on a single day. It is a cumulative effect.


  • Take your breakfast as early as possible, and take it before brushing your teeth. Do you remember our teacher taught us to brush our teeth after meal, not before meal? However, it is important to scrap our tongue first thing in the morning and follow by a glass freshly squeezed lemon juice with warm water. This will heal the Liver.
  • Then take your shower and etc...
  • Take Power Breakfast. It gives the body enough nutrients to jump start the day. Also, it helps to balance blood sugar. If the breakfast is sugar rich or full of carbohydrates, it will make you crave for sugar the entire day.
  • Besides Power Breakfast, you can also try this low GI breakfast. I got it from Patrick Holford low GI/GL breakfast menu. 56g of oats, 200ml of soya milk or 2 scoops of Nutrilite protein power with 200ml of water, 1 small teaspoon of manuka honey and 50g of flex seed.
  • If you are taking the low GI/GL breakfast, then take the following supplements:
      • Double X or Daily x 1
      • Multi-carotene x 3 (If your skin has turned orange, stop taking it)
      • Bio-C x 4
      • Lecithin E x 4
      • Calcium Magnesium x 1
      • B-complex x 3
      • Nutri Bifidus x 1 (This is the pro-biotics for your body)
      • Ginseng x 1 (optional)
      • COQ10 x 1 (optional)
Morning snack:
  • Morning snack should be at least 2 hours before your lunch time. For example, if you have your breakfast at 7 to 7:30am, then your morning snack time will be around 9plus to 10. If you have to time it accurately. The main reason of taking morning snack is to balance the blood sugar and prevent over-eating during lunch time. Our aim is to eat more meals but eat less during each meal. This is the best way to balance blood sugar. Once our sugar is balanced, we start losing weight together with our 10,000 steps exercise per day.
  • During your morning snack time, do give yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes break. Walk around, have some SUN and breath fresh air. The main aim is to stay away from the office as far as possible.
  • What to take for morning snack? You can prepare some fruits. Here are some recommendations:
      • Apple x 1. Do remember to scarp the wax on the apple skin. We need the skin as it contains fibre. Clean the apple with vegetable wash, not just running it under the tap water. The tap water is actually very dirty.
      • If not apple, you can also take a small bowl of berries. It can be any kind of berries.
      • If not berries, take a small bowl of grapes.
      • Lastly, take a capsule of Nutrilite Omega fish oil.
  • Well, it is lunch time now. What are we going to eat? Before we decide what to eat, do take 4 tablets of Nutrilite Fruit and Vegetable Fibre about 15 minutes before your lunch. These fibre tablets will do wonders in helping you to balance your blood sugar, absorb toxins from the colon and remove it in the morning easily.
  • Focus on food that is great for our Liver and our brain:
      • Lightly stir-fried or steam vegetables, or salad immersed in olive oil, but not too much of it.
      • Have a small portion of either beef, chicken with no skin or pork with no skin. Your meat should be cooked in such a way that is easy for you to chew. It is difficult for you to chew, it will be difficult for your stomach to digest. For example, fried stuffs are oily and the meat are usually dry. They are bad for health. Meat that is steam, stew or cook in the soup is friendly to our stomach.
      • If you can, have some bean curd too. Bean curd should be steam, stew or cook in the soup too.
      • If you like to eat seafood, go for steam or lightly grilled or pan-fried. Only take seafood with scales and fins. Scales and fins only seafood.
      • Vegetable should form 60 to 80% of your plate. The rest will be your meat, bean curd and seafood.
      • If you are thirsty, drink water. In fact, it is good to drink lots of water before your meal, not after your meal or during your meal. Cold drink will make your stomach contract and loses blood flowing into it. It will make digestion more difficult. Hence, drinking room temperature or warm water is better for our stomach.
  • After lunch, take the following supplements:
      • Lecithin E x 4
      • B-complex x 3
      • Calcium Magnesium x 1
      • Bio-C x 4
      • Multi-carotene x 3 (If your skin has turned orange, stop taking it)
      • Nutri Bifidus x 1
Afternoon snack:
  • Your afternoon snack time should be around 3 plus to 4. It should be about 2 hours before your dinner time. As you can see, it is necessary for us to eat small meal during our lunch time because we are going to snack in the late afternoon. If not, our stomach will be too full and we can't snack. Snacking on healthy food will help to balance our blood sugar and thus, the crave for other fluids will eventually stop.
  • Our afternoon snack will be the same as our morning snack.
  • As for supplement, it will be the same too. 1 capsule of Nutrilite Salmon Omega fish oil.
  • Have a 10 to 15 minutes break. Walk around outside the office. Breath some fresh air and have some Sunlight.
Afternoon snack 2:
  • Afternoon snack 2 is optional. It makes sense if you have early lunch such as around 11plus to 12. If you have it during that timing, then your first afternoon snack will be around 2plus to 3plus.
  • Thus, you may need to snack again around 5. If you are going to have dinner around 6, then just eat half the portion of usual snacks. Half an apple or half a bowl of berries or grapes.
  • No supplement is required.
  • Dinner is the important meal of the day. It is so important that we need to eat lesser than our lunch. This is the time whereby we need to start preparing our body to rest. Our body can only repair if it has enough raw materials and rest. If not, it won't repair and over the years, the body will breakdown and this is when all the chronic diseases start to surface. High blood pressure, diabetes and etc...
  • And yet, many people got it wrong. They treat dinner as the least important meal. They eating a lot during this last meal of the day. Eating more than their breakfast and lunch combined. Isn't that amazing? By eating this much, our body can't rest. If it cannot rest, it cannot repair. If it cannot repair, it will breakdown.
  • No wonder many families today have over-weight kids. It is common today to see youngsters suffering from chronic diseases during their height of their career. Afterall, chronic diseases take at least 10 years or more to develop. If you observe the timing, it all started when they were young, not when they start working.
  • It is fine if our dinner is just like our lunch as long as it is not too late. We should have 4 hours of gap before we get onto our bed. If you want to sleep by 10, eat your dinner around 6pm. The later we eat, the lesser we should eat. The benchmark is dinner should not be more than lunch. Same as lunch or lesser.
  • Dinner should be a meal that is friendly to the stomach.
  • Supplements after dinner:
        • Lecithin E x 4
        • B-complex x 3
        • Calcium Magnesium x 1
        • Bio-C x 4
        • Multi-carotene x 3 (If your skin has turned orange, stop taking it)
        • Nutri Bifidus x 1
  • After your dinner, check your pedometer. Have you achieved your 10,000 steps objective? If not, take a walk to achieve it. If you have achieved your 10,000 steps, give yourself a pat on the back. And still, go and take a 30 minutes walk.
1 hour before sleep:
  • Before sleep is the time we want to give the body enough raw materials to repair. Especially raw materials for the Liver is very critical. Also, the Liver can only start repairing effectively if we sleep before 11pm. That is why people who sleeps past 11pm tend to age faster.
  • Have an apple before you sleep, or have those fruits that you had been taking during your snack time. If you have listened to Jim Rohn CDs, he said his father has this habit of taking an apple before he sleeps and he lives to a ripe old age. If it is so easy to do it and save you thousands of medicines fees, why people is not doing it? Well, it is easy not to do it. He said we should be smarter than this and I totally agree with him.
  • Supplements to take:
        • Milk Thistle with Dandelion x 4 (very critical for the Liver)
        • Bio-C x 4
        • Multi-carotene x 3 (If your skin has turned orange, stop taking it)
        • Lecithin E x 4. It is even better if you can take 8.
        • Passion Flower and Chamomile x 1 (take this if you have trouble sleeping)
As for the gallstones problem, choose a weekend to do a gallstone flush. It will flush out most of the gallstones in the gall and it will help the Liver a lot. Once the gallstones are flushed out, it will enable the bile to release toxins. Click here to find the method for flushing gallstones. These are proven methods with success stories.

Lastly, it is time for us to take charge of our health. Our hard-earned money should be invested in ourselves first rather than going to other people pocket. All of us are just one step away to a healthy body.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Health Check

Have you done your annual health check? If not, you should do it soon? Health check should be part of annual ritual whereby, we check our state of health.

Some people will tell you it is not necessary and these are the very people who are liable of health challenges. Most likely, they are already sick and they just don't want to admit it.

Besides those standard packages such liver and kidney functions and etc, I would recommend you to add-on the following tests:
  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1)
  • Homocystein
  • Various Tumor/Cancer marker: Pancreatic, Liver, Colon, Lung, Breast(woman), Ovarian(woman).