Thursday, 30 August 2007

How do we burn fats?

Everybody is trying to lose weight. Whether they are fats or not. Whether they are over-weight or not. Whether whether and whether...

Here's the situations, many of us do not know how does weight lose comes about. We only know that we have to stop eating certain food, starve ourselves and replace certain meals. However, once we achieve our desired weight and go back to our original diet, our body goes back to its original weight or more. Isn't that exciting? We must really understand how does our body burn fats in order to lose weight effectively. Yes, we have to exercise. However, have you heard your friend saying that I have done this or that and yet, no result? Let's understand why.

Our body has stored energy called glycogen. Glycogen is stored by the Liver as our body first level of backup tank fuel. Our secondary backup tank fuel is our body fats. So, how can we start using our secondary backup tank fuel? It is by using up our first backup tank fuel. Then, your next question will be, how do we use up our first tank fuel?

Here's the situation. Let's say our body has a burnt rate of 10 calories per 10 minutes. That means, it burns 60 calories per hour. Let's say a bowl of rice and a scoop of protein have 100 calories each. This is just an example, not real.

If we eat a bowl of white rice, the body quickly turn the white rice to glucose in the body immediately. That means, right now you have 100 calories lying around in the body. Because the body can only use 10 calories every 10 minutes, you will have left with 90 calories lying around in the body. Now, the body has to store this spare calories. First place to store is our Liver. That is where we get our glycogen. Let's say the glycogen warehouse is full, what's next? Well, the body will turn it into fats and that's how we put on weight. This is the reason why many people eating fish soup will never lose weight. This is because the noodles will turn into glucose fast and the body can't use it straight away.

Let's take another example. As we mentioned earlier, 1 scoop of protein is also 100 calories. And for protein, it is different from white rice. The body takes a longer time to digest and thus, the body is releasing 10 calories from protein every 10 minutes. What does that mean? It means our body is effectively using up all the protein that we take. Will there be any unused calories lying around? Well, the answer is no. Since there is no unused energy lying around and you are either walking 10,000 steps or jogging, the body needs to start using its backup fuel. The first level will be glycogen from the Liver. Once that is used up, the next backup fuel will be our fats. In order for this process to kick in, it will take about 3 days.

Once our body starts burning fats, the by-products ketone will be released. We need to remove ketone from the body by drinking lots of water. By this time, our free-radical level is high too. Take lots of anti-oxidants such as Bio-C, multi-carotene and Lecithin E.

Lastly, just let the body continue to burn fats as long as you like until you reach your desired weight. Remember, drinks lots of water and take lots of anti-oxidants.

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  1. hello, the recommended elemental iron intake for pregnant women is 30 mg per day, why is the iron content of nutrilite iron folic plus lower than the other brands of iron preparations? it only has 10 mg per tablet so even if you double the dose , which is what nutrilite recommends for pregnant women, it's still not enough..

  2. Hi,

    It's kind of strange that you posted this comment in the blog entry that is not relevant to pregnancy.

    It will be great if you can put your comment in a relevant entry so that it will benefit other readers.

    Regarding the iron intake, there are other food which a pregnant lady can take besides the supplement. The purpose of taking vitamin is to add on to the daily intake from real food. Thus, the purpose of supplement is to add, not to replace real food.

    Hope this help.


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