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Did you have Natural Birth or Caesarean? What about 1 month?

Whether you have natural birth or Caesarean, you need special nutrients to revitalize your body. Of course, the nutritional requirements for both are different. By the way, this blog entry is for ladies and of course, if your wife is pregnant, this blog entry is important too.

And one more thing to note, because I'm a Chinese, hence, I believe certain types of foods are not suitable to take after giving birth.
  1. Take only warm food. No cold food is allowed.
  2. Take only warm water. It is best to drink clean water. No caffeinated drinks.
  3. Take good protein rich food. Avoid simple carbohydrate food. You don't want to put on weight quickly.
If you have gone through Natural Birth, you would have lost a lots of blood. That means, lots of water soluble vitamins and minerals were lost. If you have Caesarean, beside losing lots of blood, your Liver would have worked extra hard trying to neutralize the anesthesia. If you have used epidural, your Liver is working harder.

Before recommending supplements, let's understand the need.
  1. We need to repair damaged tissue.
  2. If you have Caesarean, you want the scar to disappear as much as possible.
  3. If you have Natural Birth, you may feel sore and it is important to get it heal asap.


Take Power Breakfast every morning. Follow this link. I will encourage you to use soya milk instead of cow's milk. Fruits should be in room temperature.

After taking Power Breakfast, take 3 capsules of multi-carotene, 1 capsule of Omega Salmon Fish Oil and EPO Plus. Do not take EPO Plus when your menses arrive. Take 1 tablet of Milk Thistle.

Follow these for lunch, dinner and before sleep.
  • Double X: -/1/1/-
  • Multi-carotene: -/3/3/3 If skin turn orange, stop taking.
  • Bio-C: -/4/4/4 If possible, take more than 4000mg per day.
  • Lecithin E: -/4/4/4 If possible, take more than 16 tablets per day. It helps to heal the scar.
  • Salmon Fish Oil: -/1/1/-
  • EPO Plus: -/1/1/- Do not take when menses arrive.
  • Protein Powder: -/2/2/-
  • B-complex: -/6/6/-
  • Calcium Magnesium: -/2/2/-
  • Milk Thistle: -/1/1/1
Also, beside taking these supplements, take as much nutritious food as possible. I believe your mum will be cooking a lot of good stuffs for you. Making you eat as much as possible. Just remember, take only warm food. Anything from the fridge must be put outside.

By the way, do you know what is baby one month celebration? In the past, baby mortality rate is pretty high. If a baby can survive one month, the entire village will celebrate for the baby surviving the one month period. However, if you look at the current situation, baby will definitely survive the first month. On the contrary, can the mother survive one month? Nowadays, most mother tends to eat less during pregnancy, or they try not to eat or they don't take nutritious food at all. After delivery, they are pretty weak and we can almost certain most new-age mother doesn't have much milk for the baby. This will create future health challenges for the baby.

Lastly, if you are breast-feeding, your breast milk depends a lot on what you eat. And what you eat, will determine your baby's health. If you are not breast feeding, then your baby is lacking all the essential nutrients. Especially good bacterial. Hence, observe your diet closely. If you are the husband reading this blog, then, it is your responsibility to help your wife.


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