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Healthy Forever Disc 5 - Liang Zhi Da

Why do I get sick for so long?

Because we do not love ourselves enough. The best way is to stop putting toxins into the body. We need to know where do toxins come from.

15 most common toxins that cause cancer

Father may get Liver cancer but the kid may get stomach cancer. Hence, genes may not be the reason. 15% comes from the genes and 85% is from ourselves.

For example, before reaching 30, if you are ugly and not handsome, you can blame your parents. If after 30, you are still ugly and not handsome, blame yourself.

1) You are what you eat.

2) Smoking. How toxic is smoking?
  • Nicotine is a kind of insecticides. 1 cigarette of nicotine can kill a rabbit. 25 cigarettes of nicotine can kill a cow. 40 to 60mg of pure nicotine can kill a person.
  • It contains a kind of chemical that is commonly used for floor cleaning formula
  • It contains DDT
  • It contains a chemical that was used against the Jewish during the world war 1
  • It contains naphthalene that is used for making mothball
  • It contains carbon monoxide
  • It contains tar that is used for making roads
Secondary smoker has 60% to 70% higher risk of getting cancer than a smoker.

When you smoke, breathing in is committing suicide. Breathing out is killing other people.

Smoking is a habit, not a leisure. Smoking kills people around you. Your habit kills people. Change your habit for the good. If you can develop a habit, you can change it.

3) Exercise. If you exercise too much, your health will not be good.

4) Obesity. According to WHO 2004 report, obese people has a higher chance of getting cancer.

5) Nervous and stress. We need to learn to relax.

6) Too little vegetables. Both soluble and insoluble fibre.

There are 5 ways of removing toxins out of the body.
  • Defecating
  • Urinating
  • Sweating
  • Breathing out
  • Saliva
The most important is defecating.
  • The number of times we defecate depends on the number of meals we eat.
  • Shape is important. The best shape is like banana and it does not break in between.
  • Colour. Golden yellow and orange yellow is a healthy colour. Brownish means too much meat and sugar rich food. Blackish means internal bleeding of the higher digestive tract.
  • Bright red means usually caused by haemorrhoids or anal fissures. It also means internal bleeding, and the causes could include bowel cancer or a bleeding stomach ulcer.
  • Weight should be around 500g to 1kg. If you are not reaching this, you are gathering it.
  • Smell determines the kind of food you eat. If you eat a lot of meats, it will be very smelly.
  • Time to defecate should be around 3 minutes. 1 min to take down your pants, 1 minute to clear your bowel and 1 minute to clean and wear your pants. Look at babies and kids, how long did they take to clear their bowel? Why are kids bowel movement is so easy to do?
Cleaning th anus:
  • No matter how you clean, it still have. It means your anus area is very dirty. Your risk of getting colon cancer is 3 times more than others. You need lots of fibre in your diet.
Pure white salt increases the toxins level in the body.

Pollution increases the toxins level in the body too.

How do we get cancer?

Lack of oxygen:
  • Cancer cells don't like oxygen.
  • We need to learn to breath using the stomach.
  • Use 1 second to breath in through the nose, use 4 seconds to hold and use 2 seconds to breath out through the mouth.
  • oxygen is used for combustion. The more the better.
Too much sunlight is bad for skin.

Radiation from handphone.

Food. fish, meat and milk, egg and milk.

Which is worst? White flour or white rice? white flour contains bleach or whitening agent that gives rise to the white effect.

Our body is acidic or alkaline? Our blood ph is between 7.3 to 7.4. Our skin is slightly acidic. Our blood is slightly alkaline. Water is 7.0 ph.

Cancer starts at ph 6.93 to 6.95.

As long as acidic goes into the body, the cancer cells will have the opportunity to develop. Hence, it is important for us to take alkaline food such as vegetable and fruits. They are alkaline. More alkaline food and less acidic food.

Rubbish food such as fast food and tibits are acidic food.

Always massage the lymph node around the collar bone. It will simulate the production of T-cells.

Take triple guard echinacea for 3 days to improve 12 days of immune system.

Nervous breakdown and stress will also affect our immune system. It is usually due to imagination.

To have tumour, it takes 6 to 12 years to grow to a peanut size. But, it will take about 6 months to grow to a size that is noticeable.

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