Sunday, 26 August 2007

Kidney Disease (Renal Failure)

I'm writing this for someone with a big heart. Someone whom I get to know better through someone he loves and cares a lot. For some people, they may think it only happens in TV shows or movies. But I think, if you get to see it in the screen, definitely, someone has experienced it before.

These supplements are recommended for someone who are experiencing renal failure. I hope these supplements will help whoever out there to improve their health tremendously.
  1. Nutri Bifidus: 1/1/1/- Especially for those who are taking anti-biotics.
  2. Protein powder: 1/1/-/-
  3. B-complex: 3/3/3/3 - Reduce fluid retention and improve metabolism. If cannot sleep at night, don't take before sleep.
  4. Bio-C: 4/4/4/4 - Boosts immune system and improve healing.
  5. Calcium Magnesium: 1/1/-/- For proper mineral balance.
  6. Lecithin E: 4/4/4/4 - Promotes immune system.
  7. Double X: 1/1/1- Proper mineral balance.
  8. Multi-carotene: 3/3/3/3 - If skin turn orange, stop.
  9. Milk Thistle: 5/-/-5. Improve Liver function and aids excretion of kidney's waste.
Diet of a renal failure person must be very careful. Any toxins that go into the body will affect the Liver and that will eventually increase the load to the Kidney. The failure of the kidney is due to the Liver. And with renal failure, kidney is unable to cleanse the blood and the toxic blood flow backs to the Liver and affects it tremendously and thus, it becomes a vicious cycle. This is why kidney dialysis is required.
  • It is critical to have a diet of 75% raw foods. Eat vegetables and fruits at room temperature. Always eat fruits before anything. Any indigestion will lead to toxic build up. BTW, eat organic.
  • Protein is important. It contains arginine that is beneficial to kidney.
  • Do not use any table salt or potassium chloride. Reduce your intake of potassium and phosphates.
  • Avoid seafood that has no scales. Squids and Crabs are good examples.
  • Reduce intake of animal protein.
  • Drinks lots of WTS water and this should be your only source of fluid.
  • Avoid all diary products.
A renal failure person should make some adjustment to their power breakfast. Here's the formula:
  1. WTS Water
  2. 2 x Green Apple (Room Temperature)
  3. Active 8
  4. 4 x Bio-C
  5. 4 x B-complex
  6. 2 x Calcium Magnesium
  7. 1 scoop of protein powder
  8. Positrim either 1/2 or 1 packet
  9. 1 x Daily
  10. 1 x Ginseng and Gingko Biloba
  11. 4 x Lecithin E
After taking the power breakfast, take the following supplements:
  1. 1 x Nutri Bifidus
  2. 3 x Multi-carotene
  3. 5 x Milk Thistle
Supplementation for both Lunch and Dinner will be as per described in the first section. Remember, eat raw and eat more, but eat less. Eat many more meals per day but eat less portion of it. Eat more organic whenever it is possible. Alway room temperature.

BTW, do consult your doctor.


  1. Thanks. Can one survive kidney failure?

  2. Hi,

    I'm sorry to say one cannot survive a kidney failure. The body will die due to toxins build up in the blood.

    The only way to prolong life is to go through dialysis and have a transplant.