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Healthy Forever Disc 6 - Liang Zhi Da

Spread of cancer is due to accumulation of toxins in the blood.

Blood belongs to the body circulatory system. That means, whether it is clean or dirty. It will flow in the body. If filtration fails, toxins will accumulate. What is the largest filter organs in the body? That is Liver.

When dirty blood passes through the Liver, it will store in the Liver for cleansing before it leaves the Liver. If the Liver is impaired, dirty blood will flow out of the Liver and goes to the next organ. That is our kidney. It is not the kidney job to filter the blood. If this continues for a long time, kidney wil fail. When kidney fails, toxins will flow back to the body and it will circulate in the body.

This is what we called azotaemia. It means the blood is very toxic due to accumulation of waste products. That is the start of serious health problems. When the toxins in the blood accumulates to certain level and the kidneys cannot handle it any more, uraemia will happen. By this time, the body will have about 30 days or just a couple of weeks to survive.

Because the body does not allow toxins to flow in itself, it will accumulate the toxins and store it in one fix locations and the white blood cells will surround it, preventing it from spreading. When that happens, tumour will form.

When cancer is discovered, you still have about 3 months or more to live. This will give you opportunity to change your diet, lifestyle and do detox.

More about our Liver:
  • It is one of the largest organ in the body.
  • It has a lot of small blood vessels to do filtration.
  • Blood flow into the Liver slowly. This is to allow the Liver to filter the blood.
  • If dirty blood gets into the Liver, it will affect the Liver.
  • The next organ that is very close to Liver is the gall bladder.
Gall bladder problem: There are 2 types of gall bladder problems: inflammation or gall stone.

1) How does Stomach digest?

Small intestine absorb. Liver is to differentiate between the good and the bad. If it is nutrients for the body, it will be send to the heart and the heart will pump it to different part of the body. If it is toxins, it will go either to the kidneys or the lung.

Western medicine is toxic. Thus, the Liver cannot allow it to circulate in the body. Hence, this toxins will accumulate in the body.

2) Breakdown of toxins to non-toxic waste.

This is to allow the body to remove the waste either through kidney or lung. There is a lot of toxins in water. Hence, we need to drink treated water. Many treated water is empty water. Thus, do not drink empty water.

Also, meat is very toxic. The more fattening it is, the more toxic it will be.

Toxins in vegetables are from pesticides. Remember to vegetable wash or Amway dishdrop to clean it.

Alcohol toxins damage Liver slowly. It is a silence killer.

3) Liver ability to store glucose, carotene, vitamin E, D and some vitamins B also determines the health of Liver.

When Liver is unable to store glucoses, body will experience fatigue. Glucose gives energy to the body. Thus, Liver problem patients tend to get tire easily. When we eat food, it will be converted to glucose to give us energy. And part of it is stored in the Liver. If Liver cannot store glucose and the body cannot burn or finish using it, it will be converted to fat as stored energy. That is when people is fat, they are weak.

4) Liver has the amazing ability to create and produce protein, lecithin, cholesterol and etc.

If Liver is impaired, then it will affect lecithin production. Liver produces 80% of lecithin in the body. If liver cannot produce lecithin, then it will affect the cholesterol level in the body. Because of too much cholesterol in ht body, this cholesterol will stick to unwanted waste in the blood or in the gall bladder to form gall stone. How to solve this problem? Reduces cholesterol intake and increases lecithin intake. This will help to improve the Liver conditions.

High cholesterol is due to eating too much animal organs or fats. Animal organ has the highest amount of bad cholesterol.

Old people has to take note, not to take seafood with no scales. Squids and crabs are seafood with no scale. These seafood has high amount of cholesterol. All these stuffs are bad for old people.

5) If Liver is affected, one of the problem will be thyroid.

6) When production of bile drops, the digestive system will have problem breaking down fats. then, you may start to have eczema. Most skin problems are related to inability to breakdown fats properly.

Also, unable to breakdown or metabolize fats will affect woman's health. Most woman's health problem are related to their reproductive system. Why? Eat too much oil. Imbalance of fat ratio. For man, prostate problem is also related to too much fatty food. Fatty food causes prostate to enlarge. Once it is enlarged, it will affect urine flow. Once urine flow is affected, bacteria will accumulate and inflammation of prostate will develop. Once inflammation starts, it will develop prostate cancer. So, fatty food is dangerous. Reduce your fatty food intake.

Liver controls hormone productions.
  1. Man will have more female hormone. Breast area enlarge.
  2. Woman will have more male hormone. Starts to have more hair growth above lips area. Woman start having mustache.
Inflammation of Liver -> Hardening of Liver -> Liver Cancer. Liver cancer is the highest death rate.

Remember, people seldom get sick tends not to look after their health. Once they get sick, they may not get up again.

Your health is not just for yourself. It is also affects the people around you. There are 5 types of Liver problem.
  1. Acute Liver failure
  2. Liver Cancer
  3. Chronic Liver Disease such as hepatitis B
  4. Hardening of Liver
  5. Fatty Liver
To have a healthy Liver, is to have a balanced diet, good lifestyle and good supplementation of vitamins.

Liver problems have 4 symptoms:
  1. Jaundice. Yellow discolouration of skin and eye. Yellow discolouration of urine is due to vitamin B12.
  2. Pain in Liver area. If you always feel pain in the area, then you have a serious Liver problem. Most likely, you may have a fatty Liver. Liver is protected by our right rib cage.
  3. If you always feel like vomitting or disgusted. This is a symptom of Liver problem.
  4. Constantly feeling fatigue. If can lie down, the person will choose to lie down. If he can sit, he will choose to sit instead of stand. If he has to stand, he needs support. This is a symptom of fatigue.
What is bad for Liver?
  1. Rubbish food.
  2. Bad lifestyle. Sleep very late. Always sleep before 1ppm. Why sleep late affect Liver? Because lying down allow the Liver to receive 4 times more blood than sitting. That is why once you lie down, Liver will have more blood. More blood means more nourishment to the Liver with oxygen and nutrients. Then, the Liver will have chance to repair and recover. You have to lie to show plan. Just don't stay late. Sleep before 11pm.
  3. Quick temper affects the Liver.
  4. Long term medication will also affects the Liver.
There was once when the speaker went to Zhejiang China to give talk. There was this driver who drove him to the hotel. He said he is director of Cardioneurology in the local biggest hospital. He said he has high blood pressure and the speaker asked him whether he took medicine. The director said he does not take any medicine. In fact, he has been resisting it for more than 10 years. So, the speaker asked him why? The director told him that doctors know that long term in take of these medications will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Thus, medicines do not hurt you now. But it will definitely hurt you in the future.

How to take care of Liver?
  1. Learn to relax. The more we relax, the better our Liver will be.
  2. Don't stress ourselves. Don't over work.
  3. Rest as much as possible.
  4. Improve your blood flow. Take Salmon Fish Oil and Lecithin E.
  5. Take Power Breakfast
  6. Exercise and Rest. Do brisk walking, breath fresh air and sleep early.
  7. Drink 1 litre of vegetable juices.
  8. Drink 2 litre of water treatment system.
  9. Stop eating rubbish food.
  10. Stop eating meat and seafood with no scales like squids and crabs.
  11. Take lots of local seasonal fruits.
  12. Take reasonable amount of supplements.
Our life cannot purely depend on Nutrilite. We have to focus on our lifestyle and food.

Recommendation for Nutrilite that is good for the Liver:
  1. Protein Powder
  2. Daily
  3. B-complex
  4. Bio-C
  5. Calcium Magnesium
  6. Salmon Fish Oil
  7. Lecithin E
  8. Multi-carotene
  9. Milk Thistle
  10. COQ10
  11. Garlic and Licorice
Talk Ends. Hope you find these translations useful.

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