Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Can you replace Biotta Juice?

This is a question that I had been asked by people again and again whether they can replace the Biotta Juice during detox.

Well, before I answer this question. Kindly allow me to do some explanation.

I'm currently in HK on a business trip. As some of you may aware, in HK, you can find food easily. However, there is a challenge. This food is usually lacking of important enzymes and thus, it is bad for colon health. If you are not taking both fibre and intestinal flora for your colon, then, prepare for colon related problem in the future.

I'm not suprised if someone tells me that so and so has constipation problem or colon cancer. This is a typical HK diet issue.

And because of the food in HK, I need to drink juices that contains lots of vegetables and fruits. Since I can't find Biotta Juice, my next alternative is walk into the supermarket and get a packet of fruit and vegetable juice.

I'm drinking it now and I will tell you why I will not use it for detox. I will not tell you the brand but I will tell you what it contains that is not suitable if you are doing detox.

1) Sucrose. Refer to this link. Pay attention to Human Nutrition section.
2) acidity regulator (E330). Refer to this link for more information
3) preservative (E202)
4) stablizer (E466)
5) vitamin C (added) . This is ascorbic acid.

Well, I will definitely discourage you from drinking such juices during detox. However, if you can't find any alternative organic juices, something is better than nothing.

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