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Forever Healthy Disc 4 - Liang Zhi Da

Learning nutrition is very easy. Nutrition learning is through repetition. Once you have learnt, listen to it many times, you definitely will know how to talk about it.

As long as you are willing to learn, you will know how to apply the knowledge. Don't just write it, but use your heart to learn.


We are not far away from cancer. Do you think we are always living in luck?

Health is a balance between you and your life. Healthy life is from what you do with yourself. Not based on what you were born.
  • Cancer is created by you.
  • Cancer is not infectious. Hepatitis B is infectious, but Liver cancer is not.
If we do not have the knowledge, at least we should have common sense. If we do not have common sense, then we should go and learn. Many of us do not have the knowledge yet.

In the 60s, tuberculosis was no.1 followed by pneumonia, and cancer was no. 8. In the 90s, cancer is no. 1.

Discover early and treat early is not the best advice. The best advice is prevention is better than cure.

Circulation in the brain
  • Stroke in the right brain causes the left body to curl.
  • Stroke in the left brain causes the right body to be immobile.
Before a person get stroke, there are a couple of symptoms.
  • He or she has slow blood flow.
  • He or she is always feeling not good.
  • Sit can sleep.
  • Sleep cannot sleep.
  • Old things cannot forget and new things cannot remember.
This is because of slow blood flow into the brain.

Cardiovascular Problem

Do you ever have chest pain before? Most of the time, it is not deadly and people tend to ignore it. It may last 10 to 15 minutes. This is because of lack of oxygen and certain nutrients. People having cardiovascular problem always have lacking of oxygen challenges.


Diabetes have to avoid 4 types of food:
  1. Fish, meat, egg and milk
  2. Take more vegetable juices. It contains a lot of soluble and insoluble fibre.
High Blood Pressure

Sodium is the main culprit. It increases the water pressure in the body. A person should not take more than 6g of sodium per day. Why is it difficult to treat high blood pressure today? This is because many people is taking more than 6g of sodium per day.

Furthermore, if you are a phleg melancholy, you tend to be a perfectionist. But you give yourself too much pressure. You must always stay positive so that your body can relax. Never give pressure to people around you. Do not be a perfectionist.

Top 10 Cancer in Man
  1. Liver cancer. We get angry easily and it hurts the Liver.
  2. Lung cancer. Due to smoking.
  3. Colon cancer.
  4. Stomach cancer.
  5. Throat cancer.
  6. Prostate cancer.
  7. Nose cancer.
  8. Bladder cancer. Why? We endure too much.
  9. Esophagus cancer. This kind of cancer is very terrible. They die because they can't eat.
  10. Skin cancer. Due to UV ray.
Top 10 Cancer in Woman
  1. Cervix cancer.
  2. Breast cancer. The frightening part is not the removal but the emotional stress that goes with it.
  3. Colon cancer.
  4. Lung cancer. Due to smoking or secondary smoker.
  5. Liver cancer. Due to diet.
  6. Stomach cancer.
  7. Thyroid cancer.
  8. Skin cancer. Due to UV ray and skin care product. Choose your skin product carefully.
  9. Womb cancer or the caner of the uterus.
  10. Kidney cancer.
No matter what cancer we have, we should focus on cancer. Not the different types of cancers.

Cancer: Five positive points

  1. Any part of the body can get cancer.
  2. You will have a lot of time once you get cancer.
  3. Cancer will use up all your money since you do not know where to invest the money. It is the best investment. In hospital, you cannot ask for discount. So, no need to bargain.
  4. Radiologist will be your closest friends.
  5. People will feel sorry for you and this will improve the relationship with the people around you. Your enemy will become your friends.
How far are we from Cancer?

1) Accumulation of toxin. You will feel fatigue. You want to sleep during daytime. No appetite to eat.
  • Not enough of T-cells. T-cells depend on protein, vitamin C and lecithin E. They are very active when we are hungry. If we are always full, then, they are not active. We should feel hungry when it is time to eat. Not to eat because we want to eat.
  • If we are feeling fatigue, we should take tonics such as ginseng, Lingzhi and Cordyceps (caterpillar fungus)
When the horse is tired, there are 2 ways to deal with it.
  • Let it rest. Drink water and eat grass. Then it will run again.
  • Hit the horse. It will continue to run even though it is tired. But it will die of fatigue.
We should rest, eat and drink well. Many of us, when we feel tire, we take supplements to make the body continue to work. It is like making the horse to continue to run even though it is feeling fatigue. This will hurt the body tremendously.

2) Blood becomes acidic

Too much of toxins in the blood. Blood becomes poisonous.
  • When you see pillow, you want to sleep.
  • You are always feeling nervous.
  • You always feel not enough sleep.
  • You always have running nose and fever.
  • You get frighten easily.
  • You have allergy.
  • Tongue has a thick white coat
3) Body odour

4) Inflammation

5) Lost strength. In certain organs, you will feel pain.

6) Hardening of tumours. Last chance. If we do not detox, we will get cancer.

To be healthy, we should eat right food. Do the right things.

Free radical is the number 1 enemy. They are cancer-causing.

Take anti-oxidant like A, C & E.

A,C & E are like our navy, army and airforce. You cannot separate them.

What is our current treatment of cancer?

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. They don't cure cancer. They are cancer causing. Nobody will accompany you when you are going through either chemo or radio treatment.

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