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Healthy Forever Disc 2 - Liang Zhi Da

7 Major Nutrients that our body needs:

1) Protein

We get our protein from chicken, duck, fish, meat, bean, egg and milk.

Chicken and Ducks - Nowadays, these poultry birds are injected with bird flu vaccine. So, intake of chicken and duck should be reduced as much as possible, or it is best not to eat them. I don't eat them and I will like to encourage you not to eat them. Here are the reasons:

  • chicken and duck nowadays take about 28 days to grow. In this 28 days, these birds are fed with steroids and other stuffs to make it grow bigger and faster. Because of these, their blood contains a lot of chemicals
  • chicken and duck skin contains a lot of toxins.
  • chicken and duck neck contains a lot of anti-biotics. The neck is where the growers inject anti-biotics into the poultry.
Seafood - Reduce your intake of crabs. Most crabs are breed nowadays. Breed crabs tend to have eggs in them. Why? This is because they are fed with birth control pills.

Meat - No leg is better than 2 legs. 2 legs are better than 4 legs. Pork, Beef and Mutton belong to 4 legs. Chicken and duck belong to 2 legs and fishes belong to no leg.

The more fat the meat has, the more toxins it has. The more legs it has, it will have more toxins in their fats. Before an animal is slaughtered, it will live in fear. This will produce toxins in their body and this toxins are stored in their fats.

Eggs - There are 2 ways to eat eggs. Cook the egg with shell or poach it. Any other methods will destroy the lecithin in the egg. What you left will be cholesterol. Thus, it will be unhealthy to eat eggs in other ways. Other ways of eating eggs will lead to problems such cardiovascular challenges and strokes. The smaller the eggs, the more cholesterol it has. If you have fat related health challenges, take your egg once every 2 to 3 days in a week.

Milk - It gives sinus, skin allergy and woman problems. Yoghurt is fine. Those with no sugar.

2) Carbohydrate

Only whole grain type is good for the body. Barley grain is good. It helps to prevent colon cancer. Organic millet rice is good for the sick.

3) Fats

All animal fats intake should be reduced. It is good to take Olive Oil and Omega 3. These oils prevent hardening of arteries. It also helps to dissolve bad fats and improve blood flow. Fish oil helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Always chit-chat with your parents to find out their memory conditions. Prevention is better than cure. Once they get it, we can't cure them.

4) Vitamins

Fresh from vegetable is the best. Fresh vegetables has the most vitamins. Once you cook it or stir fry, you have nothing left. Fresh fruits contain both water and oil-soluble vitamins.

Water soluble vitamins:
  • B-complex - Aids in digestion. If lack of B-complex, digestion will have problems. Food will get stuck in the colon. Once it is stuck, it will rot. Once it starts to rot, it will produce gas. There are 2 ways to let the gas out. Either you burp or fart. That is why some people always burp or fart. People who lacks of B-complex tends to have quiet and smelly fart.
  • Vitamin C - You will get bruises if you lack of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin A - If lack of vitamin A, you will have skin problem. Especially open pores on the arms. If this problem persists, you will get eczema.
Oil soluble vitamins:
  • Vitamin E - This is the strongest anti-oxidant. It is anti-aging. Helps to reduce wrinkles, freckles on the face. Help to remove scar on the skin. If pregnant but always losing it, it maybe lacking of vitamin E. If you want to have a natural birth, take more vitamin E. If gives muscles more elasticity. Nuts have the most vitamin E. If you want to have the most vitamin E from nuts, you need to take 6kg of nuts.
5) Minerals

Minerals - Calcium and Iron is very important to the body. Have you seen chicken pecking egg shells? This is because they know that they are lacking of calcium. When lacking of calcium, our nervous system will be impaired. Our sleep will be disturbed. A growing up child needs about 1 gram of calcium per day.

6) Fibre

Fibre - There are 2 types. Soluble and Insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre helps to bulk up faeces in the large intestine.

7) Water

Water - Do not drink distilled water. It is empty water. If you use it to water your plant, your plant will die. As parents, you must know nutrition and it is helpful for your children growth. It is good to drink treated water. Mineral water from major brands are fine.

Fruit and vegetable juices are the best. Freshly juice by ourselves. Take it before food. It is easier to absorb by the body. After taking fruits, must rest for half an hour. Eat only seasonal fruits. Eat only ripe fruits. If it is not ripe, it is difficult to digest. Breakfast eat like king. Lunch eat like a prince and dinner eat like a commoner.

If we eat too much fruits during dinner, it is also bad for health. Some fruits have high calories and we will put on weight. Vegetable juice contains B-complex and vitamin C. It is also rich in potassium. It helps to balance the sodium in the body. Lastly, vegetable juice gives us organic water. Plant filter is the best form of filtration. Hence, drink more vegetable juices.

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