Friday, 24 August 2007

If you travel, breakfast how?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Taking a good breakfast starts the day on the right foot. If we eat tons of rubbish food in the morning, it will affect the body in the entire day.

Here are my recommendations:

1) If you don't like to eat fruits, then drink as much freshly squeezed fruit juice as possible. Drink to your limit.

2) After drinking your juices, rest for a while. Your next plate of food should be full of fibre. Takes lots of muesli with soya milk or yoghurt. If you don't like muesli, take corn flakes or whatever. Fill up your stomach with fibre as much as possible. When we travel, our bowel movement is always affected. Thus, taking fibre in the morning helps to reduce this problem.

3) Should you want to take good protein in the morning, avoid your favourite sunny side up or omelette. They are oily and it is bad protein. Our Liver will have a hard time breaking down this protein. I will encourage you to take poach or hard boil egg, even though they are not nice.

4) Lastly, go for some brown or wholemeal bread. If you are still not full, then eat the rest of the stuffs, but not too much.

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