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Forever Healthy Disc 3 - Liang Zhi Da

What affects health or nutrients deficiency?
  1. Irregular meals intake. Didn't take or skip breakfast. Eat or take power breakfast.
  2. Not eating. Not eating will only affect our health but will lead to other serious health issues.
  3. Smoking is bad for health. It is cancer causing.
  4. Alcohols destroy Liver. Don't drink too much. Be moderate about drinking.
  5. Coffee and tea contains caffeine. It drains nutrients.
  6. Medications. Toxic and has side effects. For a child less than 7 years old, a small pill may stop him from growing for 7 days. For an adult, a small pill will drain your body of vitamin C for 3 weeks.
  7. Too much of exercise is also bad for health. It drains a lot of nutrients. If we don't replenish, it will affect health.
  8. Food intake and bad habits. Avoid food that are BBQ, smoke, deep fried or stir fry. Steam is good. Cold dishes or salad are good too.
What are rubbish food?

  • No fibre
  • No vitamins
  • No minerals
  • No proteins
  • Rich in sugar
  • Rich in Saturated fats
Why avoid deep fried food? - Have you eaten fried fritters before? It is not easily soften. This is because it contains trans-fat. How long does it take to chew? Less than 10 seconds. Our Liver needs a whole morning to break it down. Liver has a problem of breaking down saturated fat. Fast food is rich in saturated fats. Deep fried stuffs will lead to cardiovascular problem.

Why avoid preserved food? - It lead to allergy and noise problem. It will lead to cancer and digestion problem.

Why avoid processed food? - Pink meat is highly toxic.

Why avoid preserved fruits or tibits? - It contains too much sugar, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colourings and etc.

Why avoid soft drinks? - High in sugar. If children drink it, expects them to be hyperactive.

Why avoid instant noodles? - High in preservatives.

Why avoid canned food? - High in sugar and sodium.

Why avoid dessert? - too much sugar.

Why avoid BBQ food? - High in cancer causing chemicals. Protein in BBQ food is not easily broken down by body.

If we eat toxins, we must know how to neutralize it. We have to eat less of it. If we eat, we must learn how to neutralize it asap.

Nutrients and Human body. What's the connection?

Body is made up of different system.
  1. Respiratory system
  2. Digestive system
  3. Reproductive system
  4. Immune system
  5. Cardiovascular system
  6. Urinary system
  7. Circulatory system
  8. Endocrine system
  9. Lymphatic system
  10. Nervous system
  11. Muscular system
  12. Skeletal system
  13. Integumentary system
Each system is made up of different organs and each different organs are made up of different cells.

Since human body is made up of different cells, what do cells depend? Medicines or nutrients to grow and develop? If your answer is nutrients, why do you take medicines whenever you are sick? Which is better? Food is a better medicine or taking medication is better?

We must respect doctors for what they do. However, we need to understand there illness that doctors cannot cure. There are two types of illness. Acute and chronic. Acute conditions require immediate attentions. If it is chronic, doctors may not be the right choice. Usually, they have 4 methods to curing chronic illness. Injection, taking medications, dripping and surgery. Their last resort is to remove. However, removal is not the best choice. It will lead to more problem. The best solution to chronic illness is through food. How do we do it? 30% treatment, 70% maintenance. Lastly, it is all about yourself.

Using food to treat doesn't mean you have to use supplements.

There is a principle about using food as medicines.
  1. A well-balanced diet
  2. A well-balanced intake of supplements
  3. A well-balanced life style
Then, food as medicine will work at its best.
  1. Laughter is the best medicine
  2. Stop or reduce smoking and drinking
  3. Always exercise. It will improve blood flow and memory
  4. Sleep early and wake up early
A well-balanced diet means avoid 3 white and take 3 black.
Avoid all white sugar, salt and MSG. Take all black fungus, sesame and beans.

Remember this, whatever you eat a lot today, reduce it. Whatever you don't eat today, eat a lot of it. It does not mean you can start eating rubbish food. It simply means whatever nutritious food that you have not been eating today, start eating lots of it. Whatever rubbish food that you have been eating today, stop or eat less of it.

Eat lots of colours. All kind of colourful vegetables are good for us.

Eat power breakfast, or at least a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast eat like a king.
Lunch eat like a prince.
Dinner eat like a commoner.

What is a well-balanced way of taking supplements?

There are 2 types of supplements. Natural and man-made.

A lot of people cannot differentiate between them. What are the differences?
  1. Side effects - man-made contains fillers or toxins. Long term intakes give rise to side effects but natural does not.
  2. Bio-availability - man-made is not bio-available and thus, not easily absorbed by the body as compared to natural form.
In the market, you can find man-made vitamin C easily. Those man-made vitamin C can only be absorbed by the body around 80%. Natural vitamin C can combine with the body to produce synergistic effect.

Another example is man-made vitamin C only contains ascorbic acid. Natural contains bioflavonoids and phytonutrients.

For example, when you eat orange, those you threw away contains essential nutrients that help the body to absorb the vitamin C better.

So, why take supplements? Why some people take already and then there is no effect?

  1. The main reason is because they didn't change their diet. It affects the way the vitamins work with the body
  2. Too much of rubbish food and pollution. Supplements taken are used by the body to neutralize these toxins. Nothing is left for the body to repair and grow.
  3. Unhealthy lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle demands a lot of nutrients to support the body.
These are the things that we have to change in order to get results.

Why Nutrilite?
  1. Longest history. Started since 1934 till now. There is no doubt about it.
  2. Carl F. Rehnborg is the father of Supplements.
  3. Best plants comes from good quality soils. Thus, Nutrilite farms have 6 different layers of soils. This is to ensure that plant has good nutrients.
  4. Nutrilite has the 5 largest farm in the World.
  5. Nutrilite uses best of science to grow the plants. Nutrilite use goat to eat alfalfa. This is because goat chew. Chewing does not destroy the root of the alfalfa.
  6. Nutrilite uses ladybirds to eat aphids rather than using pesticides.
  7. Nutrilite uses Egyptian earthworms to tunnel the soil. That is why alfalfa in Nutrilite farm can grow up to 10m deep.
  8. Nutrilte uses deep water to water the plants. Uses the satellite system to track the moisture level of the farm.
  9. Nutrilite contains many patents.
  10. Nutrilite Health Institute has more than 100 scientists contribute to groundbreaking nutrition research, quality assurance testing, and new patents to the brand. Historically, Nutrilite Health Institute has collaborated with 28 research institutions in the past and present.
  11. Nutrilite is developing genetic nutrition. In US, Nutrilite has started developing Nutrigenomic Dietary Supplement.
  12. Nutrilite is pharmaceutical grade.
  13. Nutrilite has more than 10,000 quality assurance tests conducted on Nutrilite products each month.
  14. China Olympics athletics take Nutrilite.
So remember, we need a well-balanced diet, a well-balanced intake of supplements and a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Do you have friends telling you that Nutrilite is expensive? When we buy things? Do we look at price or we look at its quality and worthiness?

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