Friday, 10 August 2007

What to take during pregnancy?

Yesterday, someone asked me what to take during pregnancy.

To answer this question, you can refer to my presentation slide on Lifecycle. Go to the slides starting from Pregnancy requirements. If not, you can click this online excel sheet. They are the same.

Other information:
  • If always vomit, take 3 B-complex every hour.
  • 2 weeks before delivery, take 4 calcium and magnesium tablets.
  • During delivery day, take 32 or more lecithin E. According to LHF, he said take lots of calcium and magnesium. I will presume take 8 tablets instead of 4.
  • Oh yes, do take Nutri Bifidus 3 times a day. This is essential if you are going to have natural birth. The good bacterial will be pass to your baby from the vaginal area.

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