Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Why am I not losing weight?

A lot of time, I will get this question from people who are on a weight lose program.

Yes, you may have lost fats, lose some inches here and there and yet, the weight is still constant. Why is that so?

To understand this, we need to know the 3 phases of housekeeping by the body when you are on a weight lose program.

Our body will go into three phases of housekeeping:


Catabolism is a process whereby the body breakdown molecules into smaller units. These smaller units are made up degenerative materials in the body. Hence, during this phase, the body will discard all the old or not-so-good cells out of the body and replace it with new cells. The production of these new cells depend very much on the food we eat. If we eat clean and nutritious food, our body will build nice and good cells. And that's what we should do. During this phase, we will lose weight. This is because the rate of destroying the old tissues is faster than the rate of growing the good tissues. And of course, we will lose fats too. During this stage, it is important to drink lots of water.

Stabilization is whereby the rate of destruction is equal to the rate of growth. During this period, we stop losing weight. This is the phase whereby you no matter what you do, you don't seem to lose weight.

The last stage is anabolism. This is the final phase of the body regenerative process. During this stage, our calorie intakes maybe low but because the rate of growth is faster than the rate of destroying old tissues, we will start to put on weight. In fact, based on my person experience, I had actually gained 2 kg during this phase.

Lastly, if we experience any sickness, don't panic. It is just a sign that the body is detoxifying. Learn to live with it and we will be fine. So where are you now?

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