Wednesday, 17 August 2016

1st Change: Coconut oil before sleep

How should I start??? It's been a wonderful journey for the past few months since I started on my weight management journey with the Bulletproof diet. In fact, everything was pretty coincidence.

I  had been taking coconut oil for a long long time with results but not good enough. My weight always hover around 75kg to 80kg. To some folks, I'm not overweight and seriously, from the outlook, I just look a bit round not fat at all. However, it does have some issues. My breathing wasn't smooth or to certain extent, you don't feel regulated when you breath. Secondly, the constant urge to buy new clothes due to new waistline. It can be quite frustrating. My father has diabetes and high blood pressure, that means there is a chance I may get it too since I'm the eldest in the family.

Everything change when my friend introduced me to bulletproof. Initially, I took it with a pinch of salt. I mean we all had read about Atkins (high fat high protein almost zero carb) and others. So how the heck this one will work? I was still taking my coconut oil in the morning.

The 1st Change:

The first change from Bulletproof. I read about taking coconut oil before sleep helps. You will have read somewhere that taking coconut oil before sleep is like taking coffee before sleep. You are not going to sleep. I took the leap of faith and I slept well.
Point 1:Fill up with fat at dinner. I didn't fill up fat at dinner. I fill up fat before sleep.

When I woke up next morning, I felt good. Really good. But there was a side effect. I was hungry. Very hungry. For the entire day, I just ate and ate. I couldn't control my hunger. It just went on and on for the next few days. And then something happened. My tummy shrunk a little bit when I was eating the whole day.

Stay tune for the next post.

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