Wednesday, 24 August 2016

4th Change: The Start of Wearing Made to Measure Pants 5 years ago

What gives me enough confidence to take bulletproof was wearing my made to measure pants that were made 5 years ago. My tummy started to flatten and I continuously burnt fat. How do I know? You can always buy a ketone stick to test your urine.

What is more interesting is that I started to wear S size shirt instead of M. I had shrunk from L to M and then to S. I used to hover around 76kg to 80kg but nowadays, I hover around 75kg. Fat percentage is around 20%.

My colleagues around me had noticed how much weight I had lost. I have also started to recycle my clothes. Letting go my size L & M shirts.

Nowadays, I don't really take bulletproof coffee per se. Instead, I will ensure drinking a cup of black coffee with a piece of butter. Whether I'm at a cafe or a coffeeshop. A long black with a piece of butter is a must.

I will share with you about the 5th change in my next post.

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