Saturday, 20 August 2016

3rd Change: Starting the journey with Bulletproof Coffee

3rd Change. The day I started incorporating butter into my coffee...

Yup. A lot of people around me were stunned with this new habit of mine. Although a few friends know what I'm doing, many don't know what is that. It is called Bulletproof coffee. You guys can google it. It is out there.

So what is my first hand experience with Bulletproof?

1) It totally remove my dependency on sugar. The need to have cup of teh in the late afternoon. The need to have a cake after a meal. The need to have something sweet. It is all gone.

2) The need to have a large portion during a meal. This is gone for some reasons. The body started to tell you when to stop.

3) The increase in mental capacity and energy level.

4) You never look at fat the way you used to look at it.

I don't worry about oily or fatty food these days. However, there was still a problem, which I will share later.

I drink at least once a day with my coffee with butter. If at home, I will use aeropress to make my bulletproof coffee. Mix with grass fed butter from Anchor and coconut oil. If not, I will request long black with butter from the cafe to have my "Bulletproof" coffee.

Because of this coffee habit, I started to lose a lot of fats with little change in weight. I did lose a bit of weight but I started to lose fat. My cloth size started to shrink and this is a good news. I started to wear pants that were made to measure 5 or 6 years ago. Amazing...

Shall end here. Will share the next change.


  1. I have started to bulletproof my coffee too. For 3 key reasons. The first to combat lethargy, support my adrenals which were shot due to long term intensive workouts and insufficient recovery and finally to reduce fat that have been accumulating over the months.

    It's only 3 days but I am prepared to stick with it for a month and then evaluate the results. I am certain I will be way ahead of where I started.

    However, today I took a gallbladder supplement before I took my bulletproof coffee and was nauseous during my morning workout, needless to say it was a tough one. What could it be? Would like to hear your views. Thanks

    1. Rhoda,

      The gallbladder formula acts like a digestive enzyme, just that it is specifically for fat/oil. Taking it first thing in the morning may not be feasible especially with an empty stomach. I would recommend that you take the gallbladder supplement after a meal, especially an oily one. If not, take it either after lunch or dinner.

      As for feeling nauseous, it could be a case of over-training. If you are doing intensive training first thing in the morning, it is advisable to take a carbohydrate rich meal before the day. This is to ensure you have enough glycogens to last. Thereafter, have a post recovery drink.

      I usually take bulletproof coffee with a banana during my weekend hammer ride that will last about 2 to 3 hours.