Thursday, 18 August 2016

2nd Change: Coconut Oil Pulling in the morning

After taking coconut oil before sleep, the next thing that I did was coconut oil pulling. Something that my colleague mentioned to me. I thought to myself, hey why not give it a try?

I read online on the many benefits of coconut oil pulling. Basically, just have some coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning. And before doing that, have a cup of water. I always do that in the morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps to activate the organs.

So why do I want to do it? One of the benefits stated that it will help to grow back the gums. To me, that is wonderful. Hence, I started to do it daily and miracle happened. A bit of gum start to grow back. And when I first started the pulling, I kept on having phlegm coming out from my throat. I don't know why.

Then came one day, it stopped. And since then, I believe coconut oil pulling helps to improve my health.

Will share the next change. It is my journey with Bulletproof coffee.

BTW, when you do coconut pulling, you don't need to use toothpaste to brush your teeth. Just brush it with the coconut oil on your teeth. It feels clean.

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