Sunday, 7 September 2008

Supplements during fasting month

To all my Malay friends,

Here are some recommendations for you to consider:

1) I would recommend you to take LHF power breakfast to break fast. A very simple reason is because it is easier to digest after having no food in the stomach for the entire day. Furthermore, it helps to restore your digestive system. Thereafter, you can consider taking your normal food.

2) Take this opportunity to heal your Liver. Take 2 milk thistle together with your LHF breakfast and 2 before you sleep. Also, after you wake up, take squeezed lemon juice with warm water.

3) Go low on carbohydrates if possible. This is a good month to balance your blood sugar. 

4) This is the month that you will lose weight if you are on the over-weight side. Also, because you are not eating in the entire day, your fat will burn a lot and this will create a lot of oxidative stress. Take your Bio-C, Lecithin E and Multi-carotene. Lecithin E can be any amount. Bio-C take at least 4 or more in divided dose. As for Multi-carotene, take at least3 to 4. Stop if your skin turn orange.

5) Remember to do light exercise like walking. 

Happy Fasting Month!!!

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