Saturday, 13 September 2008

Food for thought for Cancer Recovery

What's the similarity between a baby and a cancer patient who has just finished his or her chemo? Hmm... you may wondering why am I comparing them?

For a simple reason, their cells are growing. A baby is dividing the cells rapidly because they are on rapid growth track. A cancer patient has all his or her good cells killed during the treatment and thus, they need to recover asap. That means, they need to grow their good cells back in order to fully recover. Not just that, both baby and a cancer patient are very vulnerable to infections. Thus, both must build up their immune system. So what do you think? Are they similar now?

If that's the case, what food should a cancer patient eat? Before I answer that question. Let me ask you, what kind of food would you feed a baby or a growing child? Think hard... Because, this will be your answer.

Now, you have to answer these questions seriously.

  • Will you feed a baby breast milk or formula milk?
  • Will you feed a growing child nutritious food or junk food?
  • Will you feed the baby or growing child with food that is easily digestible or those that will make you feel bloated?
  • Will you feed the baby or growing child with liver-friendly food or junk food?
  • Will you feed the kids with more fruit and vegetables or more meat?
  • What kind of cooking method will you employ? deep fried or steam/water cooking?
  • What kind of cooking utensils will you use? Non-stick or traditional wok or pan?
  • What kind of water will you let them drink? Soft drink or just plain filtered water?
  • Do you let the growing child/baby drink coffee/tea or just plain filtered water?
  • Drink hot/warm or cold water?
  • Hot/warm or cold food?
  • Protein Powder or Dairy products?
  • Do you prefer the kid to do light exercise or simply stay at home and do nothing?
  • Will you feed the baby or growing child with medicine/anti-biotic or high quality supplements to cure the illness?
Let me tell you a joke. There was once an American asked a German why both of them smoke so much, drink so much beer and yet, the Americans die earlier? The Germans think for quite a while and give the following answer. "You Americans eat a lot of fast food and we eat only fresh food."

Does this joke tell us something? Well, we need to eat more raw food than those junk food.

Why raw food? The nutritional value of the food is preserved. That is why the European tends to eat more salad and fruits than the Americans. Furthermore, the European tends to use a lot of high quality Olive Oil in their salad, which gives them the necessary good oil for the body. The European love to eat fresh fruits and they are more pro to Organic stuffs than the Americans. And that is why the Germans live longer than the Americans.

A typical diet should be 80% raw and 20% cooked. The higher the raw, the better it is. Raw food is easy on the stomach, friendly to the Liver and good for the entire body.

Should you want to eat rice, what kind of rice will you eat? white rice or full-grain rice? I will recommend that you eat Millet rice. It is easy on the stomach, it is full-grain and most importantly, it helps to heal the body.

So, before you want to buy food or drink for the cancer patient, ask yourself this question. Is this good for the baby or the growing child. If it is not good for them, then I will encourage you to look for alternatives for the cancer patient.

Then what about supplements?

  • At least 4 x Bio-C per day. More is merrier.
  • Always take LHF breakfast.
  • 1 x COQ10 per day.
  • Take at least 16 Lecithin E per day. Divide the dose. Take more the merrier.
  • At least 1 x Nutri-bifidus in one of the meals.
  • At least 2 Salmon Omega Fish capsule per day.
  • 4 x Milk Thistle before sleep.

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