Sunday, 21 September 2008

Plastic and Us

Recently, there is more awareness how plastic can affect our body. I believe some of us have been following the news regarding BPA. BPA stands for Bisphenol A. According to studies, BPA is presence in all polycarbonate products. What does that mean?

BPA is cancerous. It affects our endorince

News about BPA around the World, but not Singapore. Why? We are World class in other stuffs, except health stuffs.
EU Assessment said it is safe. You decide for yourself.

BPA is used in various products. To put it simply, if the plastic is made of poly something that you can't pronounce, most likely it contains BPA. Here's the situation, many of us grew up with plastic around us. So, how does it harm us? One thing that we know for sure, BPA affects the endocrine system.
The endocrine system is very much involve with the body metabolism. According to the Lang study that is published this month (Sept 08), people with high level of BPA in their urine are significantly with both cardiovascular (heart diseases) and metabolism challenges (Diabetes). So what do you think?

When we eat take away food, the food is stored in plastic styrofoam box. Does styrofoam contain BPA? I still remember, in my childhood days, my mother always used our metal container to pack take away food. Those days, there is no such thing as styrofoam box.

When we drink soft drinks, have you ever thought that those plastic bottles contain BPA?

What about using those paper cup laced with some sort of plastic? How does it affect us when we pour hot drink into it? Did you realize that it actually softens?

When these plastic chemicals leak and goes into our body, it will affect our Liver tremendously. Afterall, our Liver is the only organ that can remove these toxins. Actually, I'm not sure if it can really remove it.

So for now, I will really suggest that we stay away from plastic as much as possible.

Do take Milk Thistle regularly to strengthen our Liver. Take 4 Milk Thistle per night every night.

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