Monday, 22 September 2008

China milk problem, so how now?

Are you drinking milk?
Are your kids drinking milk?
Are your elders drinking milk?

Have you ever asked yourself why do you need to drink milk? Is it because the advertisement tell you that drinking milk is good? Or the government says drinking milk is good? The question is, have you ever asked yourself what's the real purpose of drinking milk?

Most likely, your answer is to supplement calcium. Because I need calcium, that is why I need to drink milk. Nothing more, nothing less. However, let's ask ourselves whether milk is the best source of calcium intake.

Positive score: 1 point. Because we get calcium from Milk.

What about negative scores? - 3
  1. Milk is mucus forming. That means, it causes allergy. If you or your kids have sinus problem, I suggest you remove milk or any dairy related products from your diet.
  2. Milk increases the risk of hormone related cancer such as prostate or breast cancer.
  3. Milk increases the risk of type 1 diabetes in children.
Total score board is -2. So you can see, taking milk causes more harm than good. Since there is a health scarce now around the World, why not take the opportunity to stop drinking milk?

Calcium intake can be supplement through fruits, vegetables and meat. If not, you can take Nutrilite protein powder, Daily, Double X or Calcium Magnesium. Just follow the bottle instructions.

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