Saturday, 11 September 2010

Supplements for long distant runner

A friend of mine had been taking a particular brand for quite sometime. You merely need to put the powder into a container and shake shake shake.

However, the other day he told me he is thinking of changing brand. So I asked him why since you have been doing that for a long time? There is a difference between powder and tablets type. Powder type offers you convenience. Save time like a 3 in 1 coffee. Tablets type requires you to pop different tablets in a day, but it gives you more control. So I ask him, which do you prefer? He couldn't answer me. Next question was, what should he take them?

Let's review this question. For a long distant runner, what does your body need them?

  1. A strong heart. That will be COQ10.
  2. A clear highway for blood to flow. That will be Lecithin E and Salmon Omega fish oil.
  3. Requires a lot of repair, especially those lean muscles. That will be protein.
  4. A high level of oxidative stress. That will be multi-carotene, Bio-C and Lecithin E.
  5. Efficient energy conversion. That will be your B-complex.
  6. Always maintain good joints. That will be either Glucosamine-7 or Glucosamine-HCI.
  7. Relax muscles: Calcium and Magnesium
  8. Last but not least, maintain health. XX or Daily.
What do you think? Is this a lot?

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