Thursday, 15 July 2010

COQ10 Therapy

You maybe wondering why the blog post is called COQ10 therapy? Is there something wrong with me?

Well, it is actually. You see, I have been going for my weekly chiropractic session recently. Tuning my body, adjusting my spine and hips. You may say I look ok... I think so too after my first adjustment and seeing my X-ray. Actually, it is not true. There is quite a far bit of misalignment and my right leg is shorter than my leg. Hmm... no wonder my right foot customized insole always cracked all these years...

So why COQ10? Well, it seems that after the adjustment, I'm kind of experiencing a bit of breathless. Especially after my long run (I'm on the micoach Marathon training program), I just feel something is wrong. I'm not blaming on the chiropractic, in fact my doc said is kind of strange actually. I thought so too... wakaka....

Anyway, I suspect is the way my body is adjusting itself after tuning. Like my chiropractor said, new information is flowing into my brain since my releasing more blood into my brain. I truly believe in that as after my first session, I felt quite a far bit of pressure on my left eye. You only experience pressure on your eye balls when you have high blood pressure. I mean really high ok.

Breathlessness maybe related to the way you breath, sometimes, it is also due the heart needs to pump harder or faster to get more oxygen for the body. It may signals there is something wrong with the cardiovascular system. And for my case, I will take it because of the new adjustment.

After taking 2 capsules of Nutrilite COQ10 per day for the past few days, it seems everything is like back to normal. In fact, this morning I had my 1 hour green zone run with 79% in the zone. What do you think? Not bad right?

Perhaps, my COQ10 is depleting as either I'm getting older, running too much or having too much stress. Whatever the reason it can be, COQ10 becomes essential as some point in life. Don't leave home without it.

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