Thursday, 14 May 2009

Liver Cancer

Recently, I had been receiving sms about people having Liver Cancer. I'm not too sure why out of sudden I'm receiving such sms? However, I'm not surprised that Liver Cancer is on the rise. Why is that so?

Well, it is all about the amount of pollutants, allergens and toxins that we faced everyday. Here are some examples:
  • Our usual chinese breakfast such as fried bee hoon and with fried ingredients. Oil has been used again and again. Super-duper oily breakfast.
  • Of course, not too mention our fast food chain breakfast. Fast and good. Also fast path to heaven.
  • Our tendency to pack our food in plastic related material. You will never know what leaks into our food.
  • Breathing in pollutants from our road. I must say Singapore is not too bad already. Try some countries and you will know why.
  • Most food is either grown in a pesticide and artificial rich environment, or the meat we eat is manufactured in a very strict process way. You know what I mean.
This list can go on and on and on.

Now, for some reasons, if you really get Liver Cancer, what should be your next step? If you ask me to put everything in one sentence, then this is my answer to you.

Eat like a 6 month old baby. Yes. Eat like a 6 month old baby. Why is that so? Well, a 6 month old baby is the time they start to take solid food. But actually not really solid food. More like puree food. Why? This is because their digestive tract is not ready for real solid food. Furthermore, those food must be organic-based. Why? This is because their body is like a piece of white paper. Any food that contains additives, allergens and etc will cause rashes or reaction. This is due their body inability to remove toxin effectively.

And this is the same for any cancer patient. Not just Liver cancer patient. He or she must eat like a 6 month old baby. Lots of liquid diet. Some puree is ok. Basically, everything must be organic-based.

So if you have Cancer, I will suggest you read this blog entry. I hope it helps.

Now if we want to prevent, we should take some preventive measures:
  • Always take fibre before a meal. This is good practise. However, if we are taking some good oil stuffs, then we should give fibre a miss.
  • Always take a multi-vitamin.
  • Always take lots of Vitamin C.
  • Before sleep, take at least 2 tablets of Milk Thistle.
Lastly, ensure good bowel movement and exercise regularly.

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