Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chemo and Low white blood cells. How?

Today someone asked me about how to deal with low white blood cells because her friend is having chemo.

Before we discuss about this topics, let's have a basic understanding on how chemo work. Basically, chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells. It is pretty simple. What is not simple is chemotherapy also kill good cells in the body.

Usually chemo is targeted to kill rapidly dividing cells and this is a key characteristics of a tumor or cancer cells. This is why Cancer spread so fast in the body. At the same time, it also kills the rapidly dividing good cells such as your white blood cell, which has high turn over rate. And this is why, you heard a lot of time cancer patients die of infection, not cancer during chemotherapy.

And because of this reason, the cancer patient will receive his or her chemo in divided dose. You can't simply receive it in one shot because it will simply kill the body.

So, what must you do then? If you are going through the therapy?

I really can't tell you much seriously, but I do know that you must continue to put nutrients into your body. Many cancer patients lose their appetite during the therapy. Furthermore, their digestive system becomes weak too. This actually further weaken the body because the body is lacking of nutrients to nourish itself. What the body really need now is to have nutritious food input and yet, it can be digested easily. It is even better if it is pre-digested.

I will recommend that they go on a highly nutritious liquid diet such as LHF power breakfast. Take it not just for breakfast, but as a main meal for the entire day. I have made some minor changes to the original post.

  1. Soya milk, rice milk, millet powder or treated water. Basically any milk except animal milk.
  2. Fruits such as apples are good. Green or red is fine.
  3. Active 8 -your decide how much according to taste(try out yourself)
  4. 3 x B complex
  5. 2 x Calcium Magnesium
  6. 2 scoop of Protien powder
  7. 1/2 a packet of Positrim
  8. 1 x Daily or Double X
  9. 1 x Ginseng and gingko biloba
  10. 4 x Lecithin E
  11. A packet of Nutri bifidus
  12. 4 x Bio C.
Besides that, take Salmon Omega fish Oil. 1 capsule 3 times a day. Before sleep, 4 tablets of Milk Thistle.

Also, it will be good if the cancer patient can drink some nutritious soup. However, do remember to remove the top layer oil from the soup.

I hope all these will help.

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