Sunday, 11 May 2008

Eating precautions during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, the following pre-cautions must be taken seriously:

  • Drink only WTS water. Do not drink office container water. They are distilled. It will drain the mineral from the body and it will definitely affect you. Do not drink bottled water. You afraid there maybe chemical leakage from the plastic bottle.
  • Install an air-purifier such as Atmosphere. It is important for the mother to stay healthy and breath in fresh air. Put it in your bedroom.
  • Eat only cooked food. It must be fully cooked. Not raw or medium-well. No sushi. Eat only hard-boiled egg. No soft-boiled egg.
  • No cold drinks.
  • No caffeinated drinks.
  • Do not eat cooling property food such cabbage, bittergourd and etc.
  • If you are taking herbs or Chinese herbs, you need to consult your Chinese doctor.
  • During pregnancy time, oil is very important to the baby development. Fast food or outside food use a lot of trans-fat and it is bad for the baby.
  • Eat lots of small meals instead of 3 large meals. Remember, calorie restriction, optimal nutrition. Too much calorie means increase in blood sugar that may lead to Gestational Diabetes. After all, woman will not able to burn calories by doing exercises.
  • Prepare lots of fruits around you. Eat raw fruits rather than drink fresh juices from hawker stall. During pregnancy time, your immune system will be weaken. The last thing you want to have is a bacterial infection. When you are not pregnant, drink fresh juices from hawker stall is fine even it is not so clean. However, during pregnancy time, this is different.
  • No seafood with shells. Crabs, prawns and etc... are no no.
  • Food that has a long shelf-life is a no no too. I believe you should know what I mean now. Your hot-dog, pink meat stuffs, luncheon meat, preserved vegetables and fruits are highly toxic.
Lastly, a balanced diet is ultra important for a pregnant mother. Whatever bad habit you have before must be corrected. If you don't take breakfast in the past, now you must have breakfast. If you like to skip meals in the past, now you must have regular meal. If you like to drink coffee or carbonated water in the past, now your only drink is clean filter water, not RO or distilled water.


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