Sunday, 13 April 2008

5 million Malaysias may get diabetes

Wow!!! Isn't that an amazing number? One in four Malaysian may become a diabetes. adult Once a person has diabetes, most likely he or she has to be on medication for life. Although the illness can be reverse, many people out there either won't know or choose to ignore it.

What does that mean to us? It means a healthy passive income business for the doctors. You may say that I'm sarcastic, but let me tell you the truth. How many doctors that you have asked you to actually implement a health plan that can reverse the diabetic problems? If there is one, I really congratulate you.

Many of us today are eating too much of sugar free and cholesterol free food. Since they are free, we just keep eating it. And that is why, the current society is full of such health challenges. ?And by the way, sugar free doesn't mean it is free of sugar. Cholesterol fee doesn't mean it is free of cholesterol.

Let me tell you, when you eat a doughnut, do you know how much sugar it comes with it? When you your seafood such as chilli crab or prawns, do you how much cholesterol that comes with it? This is what I call free. You pay for the doughnut and all the sugar is free. You pay for the chilli crab and it comes free with all the bad cholesterol that you don't need.

It is times that we take charge of our diet and lead a better and healthier life.

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