Sunday, 3 February 2008


This is one of my sms chat with a friend regarding her girl having fever.


HI Kenny,

Sori to bothr u again. My 3yr-old girl has fever for 3x now. First was last 2wks bcoz of cough, got better bt fever came back, was ok since then. For d past 3dys, she got high fever again. I've bn spongg her n gv acerola cherry. Wats ur adv?

Is she in a child care? Anybody around her also the same? It is better for u to grind the bio-c into powder and feed her.

She's in nursery, there r a few kids who r havin flu, cough00 bt nt sure abt fever. I cn grind bio c for her n put in her acerola cherry, wd dat b ok? Do u thk her fever is due to viral infectn?

Most likely. It is common among kids if they are in a childcare. And yes, u can grind it an dput it int cherry.

Ok, I'll dat. tks so much!


fever is very common among children. Especially when they are in a closed-up environment like childcare whereby when one kid is sick, everybody will be sick. The most important thing to do when a kid is sick is to avoid all forms of medications such as anti-biotics if it is not serious.

A viral infection such as flu is not a bacterial infection. Always standby Bio-C to feed the children as it is the best form of natural medicine for the children.

For more information, read my entry on vitamin C. here's the link:

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