Sunday, 3 February 2008


Here's a sms chat with a friend regarding her daughter having allergy reaction.

Hi kenny, cn my 10yr old girl take mulk thistle? She's hvg allergy reactn, running nose wif phlegm n water eyes aft we brot home a kittne. She usd to hv sensitv lungs wen young. Fyi, she hs takn chew c n multi n garlic.

If that is the case, there is n point taking it. Got to take away the kitten. Also, turn on atmosphere.

Reall... I gues she mst be v sad. I'll wait til end of d wk to c her conditn b4 i put it away. Tks for d adv.


it is common to have kids having allergic reaction to certain animals such as cats or rabbits. This is due to these animals fine hairs flying around and trigger an allergic reaction in the air passage way. The most important is to remove the root cause. Try not to keep pets that shed hair often.

If not, get a air cleansing system like Atmosphere to clean the air regularly.

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