Sunday, 21 October 2007

After delivery, what's next?

Wow, at last the wait is over. Now you have a new family member to take care and he or she will become the centre of gravity in the family. If today is your first day at home, it is your opportunity to take lots of rest. Afterall, you have lost some blood. Your body needs time and nutrients to recuperate.

Here are some suggestions for you to become a Supermum and of course, have a super baby too.
  • Breastfeed your baby. Breast your baby as long as you can. Whether it is one month, one year or longer. The longer you breastfeed your baby, the healthier this baby will be when he or she reaches their adult age. This is because you are giving the baby an opportunity to develop their internal organs fully. Furthermore, mother's milk is the best food for baby. It is easy to digest and contains all the essential nutrients for the baby to develop.
  • Take warm food. Food that is cooked and is at least in room temperature.
  • Also, take food that has mild warm properties. This is according to Chinese Medicine understanding.
  • Drinks lots of water to hydrate yourself. Again, must be at room temperature.
  • Power Breakfast in the morning
  • Double X: 1/-/1/-
  • Salmon Fish Oil: 2/2/-/-
  • Bio-C: 2/4/4/4
  • Lecithin E: 2/4/4/4
  • B-Complex: 1/3/3/6
  • Multi-carotene: 3/3/3/3 (stop when skin turn orange)
  • Protein Powder: -/-/-/2 (take your protein with the last dose of B and Cal at least one and half hour before sleep)
  • Calcium Magnesium: -/-/-/2
  • Nutri Bifidus: follow the packet instructions
  • Positrim (drink it whenever you are hungry or you feel like it)


  1. Hi Kenny
    Thank you for the advise....Jenny and baby ok.

    Every time Jenny do the follow up before delivery, the doctor know that we take the Nutrilite, will ask us to continue and never given Jenny other supplements from hospital. The supplements betul betul helping Jenny a lot, since begining till delivery, never sick in between, every day drive a hour go to work and a hour back home, very strong.

    She take a very short time to delivery. When Jenny Admitted on 1:30pm, the nurse said that, the pain now you feel, not a time to delivery, btw will check first, after chcking, woh...already open 4cm, soon to delivery. the nurse ask her go to pang sai first, after that, the water bag automatic open, but only the normal sakit sahaja. Finally 5:29pm, after push 4 time (Take 9 min only), our son Theng Jun Qian save arrive. Baby very smart, cry when arrive, doctor no need to do anything.

    After 03 days, baby have a little yellow till today 169 is ok, normal, the doctor said that, if more than 190 only need to admit for lighting. Any idea for baby to avoid the yellow?? We will go to hospital check again on monday 22Oct2007.

    Thank you


  2. What is betul betul?


  3. Hi Kenny
    betul betul is bahasa malaysia lah brother...mean realy


  4. btw,

    How long was Jenny on the supplements that is
    recommended by Lin Haifeng?


  5. Hi Theng,

    sorry that I got to ask you again. how long did Jenny follow the
    Lin Haifeng supplementation plan for pregnancy.


  6. Start from begining