Sunday, 21 November 2010

Health Report

Recently, my wife's company has this freelance GP going to their office to do blood test. His job was to collect sample blood, send to lab for analysis and return with a report card. That's all he did. He didn't explain why like that? Or what does the report tell you.

So one of colleagues show her her report card and asked her how? So without much delayed, she called me. This what she told me. Couldn't remember the exact words.

"I think something about protein somewhere. I think is kidney." My wife said.
"ok. What about Liver?" I said.
"Got a asterisk there too." She said. BTW, this is very common. If the kidney has problem, usually the liver is already having it.
"what else?" I said.
"There is something about her red blood cells... Don't know what is that. Cholesterol no good." She said.
"What else?" I said.
"Got calcium also..." She said. Chee...Is she dying or what? That was the first thing in my mind.

The conversation didn't end there actually. However, I shall stop here. Thereafter I asked a couple more questions to confirm my assumptions.

  1. Unhealthy lifestyle. Fried food more than anything.
  2. Over weight.
  3. Lack of exercise. Of course, if not point no.2 won't happen.
Her colleague went to see her GP and her GP wants her to start medication straight away. As for me, I don't think taking medicine is a sure way to cure it. This is basically or typically a lifestyle problem. If she makes a commitment to change her lifestyle, her health report will definitely take a positive turn within the next 6 months.

  1. Start taking more fresh food than those that can last many days. Fried foods are meant to last for days. Even ants or flies won't go near it. Fresh food is good for the liver and less strenuous for the kidney.
  2. Start a low impact exercise. Start sweating so that the body Qi moves. This is a very Chinese thing, but we believe in it.
  3. Read more health books, mix with the right people who cares about their health than those who care more about McDonald. Sorry McDonald, one of those who like you but not your food.
Supplements to take:
  1. 2 scoops of protein powder with positrim in the morning. Start having more quality protein will help the body to repair.
  2. Double X both in the morning and evening. A high quality multi-vitamins give the body a boost.
  3. 1 capsule of Salmon Omega fish oil 3 times a day. Start giving the body good oil rather than those bad one. Improve cholesterol level and brain function.
  4. 4 tablets of Milk Thistle before sleep and after breakfast. Repair liver. Save kidney.
  5. Take lecithin E as many as possible during the entire day. Take it as a snack rather than eating sweet. Lecithin helps to remove bad fat and vitamin E helps to repair body.
Although there are many more to take, but this is a good start.

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