Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Do you have gallstone?

If you do, step 1 is to see a doctor. Step 2 is to see how serious the problem is? Step 3?

This the biggest question you have to ask yourself. Do you want to go through surgery to either remove your gallstone or gall bladder? Or, is to do a gallstone flush?

Why am I bring this matter up again is because of a friend who called me up recently. She had gallstone problem for quite sometimes and she was in real pain for a couple of weeks. I had told her to do a flush but she never took my words seriously.

It was until when she was scheduled to go for a surgery that she started to think about doing the flush. Now, what got me very angry is this. The doctor told her removing gall bladder is the same as removing appendix. They are not important organs. We will survive even if we don't have it. Yes, that's quite true. We can survive even we don't have it. However, have you ever considered the consequences of removing it permanently?

We must understand that these doctors are part specialist, not car specialist. Why not try asking them, let's say taking a particular screw out from a car. Is it ok? Most likely it should not cause much problem to the driving. However, how true is that? Nobody knows actually. How about taking one screw out from a plane?

The permanent solution to gallstone problem is not removing the gall bladder. Gall stone problem is a lifestyle problem. It is changing the lifestyle that will resolve the problem permantently. Too much food rich in bad cholesterol causes gallstone. A mulfunction liver will also create it too. When bile production is not enough, it will develop gallstone too.

So once we change our diet to take healthy food, I can guarantee you that this gall stone problem will not be there at all.

To protect your Liver and gall bladder, take Milk Thistle, Lecithin E and Salmon Omega fish oil regularly.

Once you had done your flush, remember to heal your body. Most of the time, people skip this step thinking the flush is enough. Again this is not true. Wouldn't you agree that after going through a surgery, you still need to take medicine for recovery? This is part of the process too.

Please follow this URL for recovery information.
Please click this URL for flush instructions.

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